Moody Warm Beach Sunset #9432

Don Charisma

Beautiful warm sunset colours …

in a moody sky, atop windy ocean waves.

Enjoy 🙂

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By the Mighty Mumford


(Theological and political opinion…Scripture-based)

I want to stay on the mountain

Drinking from God’s fountain…

But He calls me down

To live in the town

Where news of Return is mounting!

The Lord said as it draws nigh,

Look ye up to the sky…

The Lord draweth near,

His trumpet you’ll hear,

Atheists say, in a pig’s eye!

The Valley I’m called to be in,

Battling again my sin…

Assuredly I fall

But He paid it all,

I will be clothed with Him.

The time for Rapture is soon,

Tonight is the fourth red moon…

I know we’ll pay

For the President’s way

Of making us all buffoons!!!!!

–Jonathan Caswell

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The Gym Is Not A Colosseum

tonysbologna : Honest. Satirical. Observations

The King of the jungle doesn’t have time for you. He doesn’t have time for me…

You and I, we have something in common. We know the same guy. The weight room guy. Hell, the world knows the weight room guy thanks to social media. What up #FitFam I see you! In a past life I’ve even been the weight room guy and dropped a 45 pound plate on my foot. I didn’t even flinch. Not an inch.

Sometimes when the wind blows I can almost hear the grunts, taste the testosterone, see the sweat and feel the burn. Almost…. if only this couch wasn’t holding me back, but I digress.

For those that aren’t hip to the times, the weight room guy has taken on the unholy crusade to motivate his 217 followers to not only hit the gym, but hit the gym and rip out it’s fucking throat…

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Sit with those who have sinned and [then] repented for they have the softest hearts ../.. Tövbe edenlerle oturun, onların kalpleri yumuşak olur…Umar ibn Al-Khattab



A woman came to Prophet Musa/Moses (peace be upon him) and said, “I committed a grave sin. Please pray to Allah that He forgives me.”

Prophet Musa/Moses (peace be upon him): “What did you do?”

Woman: “I committed fornication and later gave birth to a boy whom I killed.”

Prophet Musa/Moses (peace be upon him): “Go away from here, you wicked woman, lest a fire from Heaven destroys us all because of your sin!”

The woman left broken-hearted. Then Angel Jibril/Gabriel (peace be upon him) descended and asked, “O Musa, why have you turned away a repentant woman? Have you not found anyone worse than her?”

Prophet Musa/Moses (peace be upon him): “Who can be worse than her?”

Angel Jibril/Gabriel (peace be upon him): “The one who abandons salah intentionally and persistently.”

Bir kadın Hz. Musa’ya (as) geldi ve dedi ki:‘Ben büyük bir günah işledim ve tövbe ettim çok pişmanım..Lütfen…

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