By the Mighty Mumford


The past weeks have been doozies,

All sorts of challenges faced…

The latest this morning happened

A moterized chair switch replaced?

It seems we have no money,

We blew it all yesterday….

Celebrating with dinner—

Scroounging up cash to pay.!

The life insurance withdrawals

Caught us again by surprise…

Both our debit cards were refused,

Having cash worth the waitress’ advice.

How one faces trouble,

Thrown at you or made by yourself,

The Lord Most High renews your mind

In His word with it’s wisdom wealth.

To Him be all the honor

And to the Lord sing praise…

For He, Himself will guide us

By Word and Spirit all our days!

–Jonathan Caswell

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By the Mighty Mumford

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It is said that redheads and felines—

At least certain lines…

Have common ancestors

So say male “suggesters”,

Who like hot redheads just fine.

But scientifically,

Redheads are more likely to be…

Genetic Neanderthal,

Not thrilling at all

But the myth has more popularity.

Some claim redheads haven’t souls,

Just made for THEM living hot coals…

Silliness will reign

In animals whose brain

Is solely used to curl the toes!

I happen to like both kinds,

As long as either one doesn’t mind….

Being respected for

Who they are and more

Specifically individuals to which I’ll be kind.

—Jonathan Caswell

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How I’m Coping with Blogging Burnout.

Ordinary Adventures

I keep feeling like Ordinary Adventures has been one big stutter for the past few weeks. I keep hesitating with my ideas, my blog posts aren’t as crisp, I skipped a day, and a lot of it has been me sharing some personal struggles. I’ve felt like there is a scratch on the turn table and I keep rewinding to my previous step. I know I’m still ahead of the game in some areas, but that’s only because of how far I’ve pushed myself. And I’ve loved every minute, so I don’t want to stop now! Although, I’m not going to be too hard on myself, my life has taken a complete 160 since summer ended, but I long to keep moving forward with my blogging journey.

My life has become a whirlwind, I have a whole new schedule, I keep dreaming of lofty goals, but nothing is coming out of my…

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The Raven's Nest


What is freedom if you can’t let go, abdicate and surrender to your surroundings? What is pleasure then?

I When I was a young girl I remember being subjugated by the paintings of Hubert Robert. It was a long time ago before the recent fashion of photographing abandon buildings.

I always felt welcome in these remains of ancient civilizations, the moldy taste of decadence, the lush vegetation reassuring me that nature always prevails no matter.

Art was always present: marble flesh much more beautiful in their decay than in their glory, lonely wall of porous golden stones climbing a pale blue sky or a tormented distant storm.

These paintings were more home than my own bedroom. I could run free there with all my ghosts listening to their tales of lust and war, learning how their greed ate their own heart in a poisonous long death.

I was not…

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