A smile of hope





Stop comparing yourself to other women. You are creating a toxic environment within yourself and limiting your potential.

You have beautiful skin that protects you from the elements, a strong frame to allow movement and a mind to create; art, music and love.

So stop stressing.

You’ll never be better than me, because you can’t compare two completely different entities.

You are already the most amazing version of yourself because you’re the only one of you that will ever exist.

I’ve had friends ask where I get my confidence from and I ask “why wouldn’t I be confident?”. There is absolutely NO BENEFIT to tearing yourself down because you think if you don’t someone else will. They won’t hurt you unless you believe you’re flawed.

I’ve been called every name in the book, I grew up heavy, poor with brown skin. I’ve always tried to be a good person though…

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Daughter of the King


I am so grateful to be your child

To be loved like no other

to be protected and watched over

Thank you for never leaving me even when I thought I was alone

Your arms were wrapped around me

You hold me when I cry

Your truth comforts me

You listen when I complain

You smile when I laugh

You watch me as I sleep

Strengthen me when I am weak

Your love never fails

Your mercies are new everyday

Your Grace is sufficient enough for me

It’s amazing how much you love me even when I don’t love myself

Even when I don’t love others

or even a knowledge your presence

My sins are forgiven, Tears dried

My joy comes every morning

You constantly favor me

multiplying my blessings and casting down my fears

All because you love me

All because you chose me

All because I am special to…

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friend and faux

the fashion huntress


Well it’s been, per usual, a whirlwind week leading up to the wedding (now less than three weeks away!). Between work and planning, I’ve been sneaking in a few blog photos when I can!! I was loving the dreamy-fantasy look in these photos, given the early morning sun. The sitting area ended up looking, to me, like a cozy sun drenched cave. Add in my faux fur vest, and it was quiet cozy indeed. This my friend, and faux, fur vest cave cozy look. That’s a mouthful! But feels totally fitting to me.


Dress: Gap ($13 marked down from $60)

Vest: Nordstrom Rack ($40)

Leggings: …I can’t remember!

Belt: Old Navy ($1.99 marked down from $7)

Necklace: thrift ($5, retails for $40)

Shoes:Not Rated via DSW ($50 marked down from $75)


Fashion Huntress tips:

1) Faux fur vests…they always look cool to me, but I wasn’t sure if I could…

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