The Falling Thoughts

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Social media and social disorder

3rd world countries and new world order

Social animal build a fancy cage

One world with many borders

Life is cheap and living is harder

A Little child has drowned in front of his father

Empty stomach and less feeders

Holy books and less readers

Poor public and rich leaders

They want us to be just breeders

The Misled can become succeeders

A Capitalist stealing milk from a kids feeder

Stubborn  behavior less to consider

Muted actions and words are louder

A bee involved in conspiracy with a spider

Refugees are dying at the border

Imperialist has a court order

Awards are being sold by awarder

We are all worried to get our bread n butter

As we forgot about “God” who’s a provider


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Maybe That’s Why


Almost home after a day of errands with Mama and Daddy, my sisters and I were crammed into the back seat of the car. For a second we didn’t know what Mama meant when she spoke to Daddy in the driver’s seat.

“He’s gonna get hit.” Mama said.

We in the back seat jockeyed for position to get the best view through the windshield up front. We had to see who “he” was.

“He” was a dog.

The little blond dog trotted ahead of us right in the middle of the road. His fluffy tail, with long strands of blond hair trailing in the wind, curved up towards his back. He paid no attention when we passed but as we turned into our driveway he followed.

Daddy came to a stop in the driveway and so did the little dog. Through the window the dog and I stared at each…

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The Falling Thoughts

There are marks on my heart that I couldn’t show

My eyes are closed, but I’m still watching the show

I am sitting in the train and looking through the window

My surroundings are fast and my life is slow

They are talking loud but their self esteem is low

They look like adults but they still need to grow

A person who knows, will never say I know

People with little knowledge always sit in the first row

Life forces us to see what we don’t want to see

Slowly slowly we lose our shine and glow

One day we will become tired to kill our desire

It’s hard to pretend to others that you don’t know

People emphasize to go with the flow

To rebel against yourself  is your biggest  foe

When you are out of my reach I feel helpless

My heart stops beating and my blood…

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Parasitic Plant‏

The Inspiration Shots

Week 32/52

A parasitic plant is one that derives some or all of its nutritional requirements from another living plant. All parasitic plants have special organs, named haustoria (singular: haustorium), which connect them to the conductive system of their host and provide them with the ability to extract water and nutrient from the hosts. About 4,100 species in approximately 19 families of flowering plants are known. Parasitic plants have a modified root, the haustorium, that penetrates the host plant and connects to the xylem, phloem, or both.

F/4, 1/8 sec, ISO – 800, Photoshop CS6

Project #32

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B&W Street Photography Essay – Venezuela

Edge of Humanity Magazine

This street photography essay was submitted to Edge of Humanity Magazine by photographer Yarum.

Venezuela Venezuela

Venezuela Venezuela

Click on any image to see Yarum’s Portfolio.

Venezuela Venezuela

Venezuela Venezuela

Click on any image to see Yarum’s Portfolio.

Venezuela Venezuela

Venezuela Venezuela

Click on any image to see Yarum’s Portfolio.

Venezuela Venezuela

Venezuela Venezuela

Venezuela Venezuela

See also:

Street Photography


Documentary Photography

Via Crusis Petare

Pueblo’s Culture & Tradition

By Yarum


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New exhibit

The Raven's Nest

Kayu Furniture & Art Gallery offers timeless handmade wood furniture and show case artwork from local artists.
Please join us for our Current exhibit
Tales of the Blue Rust is the associative work of 3 artists working in industrial sites in and around Sydney, and use the scenery as well as obsolete metal to produce unique photographs as well as light fixtures.
We create out of industrial sites in and around Sydney. Our vision is a modest homage to all workers.

KAYU Brochure 3_1-page-001KAYU Brochure 3_2-page-001

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It’s a Thursday and I want my Weekend to Start now!

Kevin Hellriegel's Blog of Worthless Advice

It is April and I have been too busy thinking of worthwhile advice to make any good worthless advice posts. It is a tough business thinking up worthless advice for my four followers to read about. Yes, I picked up a new follower today so I’m pretty sure I’m up to four people that follow me.

Now, Cyndi (my imaginary stalker) is by far my favorite. She loves everything I write and this does wonders for my fragile ego. Heck, I need all the pats on the back I can get. Blogging is a really tough gig, as you all know. My lack of posting on a regular doesn’t help to make my blog anymore popular either.

So I’ll be offering you the best worthless advice this coming month! Maybe we can talk about taxes, school photos, health insurance? What is more worthless than my advice (besides my travel tips)?

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