Matter and Mind: Both Mysterious

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Life and consciousness are neither matter nor an outcome of the revolution of matter. Matter and spirit are two separate things, but science is unaware of thier structure and nature. Spirit is invisible and is beyond any experiment in laboratory, yet at the same time, it is perceptible and undeniable. Even the matter, in its final analysis, is nothing but a mysterious collection of a few electric particles and waves. Still, the question of electricity, its nature, reality, and the nature of its posiive and negative charges clearly fall into a domain that is beyond human comprehension. No scientist in the world could reveal it. Let alone consciousness, even matter is incomprehensionible in its detail.

Since consciousness and life are beyond human comprehension and cannot be subjected to experimentation in laboratory, and seeing, thinking, comprehending, planning, and action necessarily emanate from life and consciousness, they…

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Departing Wisdom

DoubleU = W

there will come a time

or maybe not

all things happen for a reason

until something random happens

(it does every day)

don’t put all your eggs in one basket

unless you only have one basket

if you’re going to dream, dream big

most dreams will never come true anyway

silence is golden

and most of us should be constantly golden

patience is a virtue

but life is too short to waste standing in line – don’t

it’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all

and far better to never have been crapped on by love

some days are better than others

and some are so bad you’ll wish you never got out of bed

the early bird catches the worm

and he’s probably the fattest bird

procrastination is the thief of time

but it leaves more time for fun


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B&W Candid Photography Essay – Daily Life In India

Edge of Humanity Magazine

This photography essay was submitted to Edge of Humanity Magazine by Photographer Tony Edenden.

India India

India India

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India Mumbai, India

Laborer India Laborer

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Live chicken seller India Live chicken seller

Meat Market Goa, India Meat Market
Goa, India

Mother & Son Railway carriage, India Mother & Son
Railway carriage, India

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Mumbai, India Mumbai, India

Street Cricket Mumbai, India Street Cricket
Mumbai, India

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By Tony Edenden


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