How to Take Perfect Travel Photos.



There’s only so much you can physically leave with from your travels. And I think that’s why photography was invented! 🙂

You see, pictures are not only personal memories that will last a lifetime, but also make amazing stories that you will be able to share with friends and family for a pretty long time…like your grandchildren will also sit down to listen to them one day.

And that’s why you need to make sure that you capture as much as you possibly can in each frame. Below are a few simple guidelines that should help you do just that:

1. Where?

Outdoors definitely. Hotel rooms and bathroom selfies don’t make for interesting stories at all. Scout for locations that make the best, authentic and beautiful backdrops. Someone should be able to tell where you are from what you’ve captured.

2. What?

Now, this refers to the atmosphere and subjects/objects that…

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2014 Round-Up

Scratching The Itch

So how was scratching the travel itch in 2014? Personally it was a winner! After five long years I returned to South America, I roadtripped to some long-awaited destinations closer to home in Western Australia and I got to see my mum cross Machu Picchu off her bucket list. All of this while spending half of my time working in the beauty of the Pilbara, Western Australia

Here are a few of my highlights..

Sillustani, near Puno, Peru

As I mentioned previously in these pages, Sillustani was one of those itches that has been five years in the making. To finally be there, gasping for oxygen in the Andes surrounded by mountains, lakes, 2,000 years of history and the odd herd of alpacas was pretty special.

Sillustani funeral towers

The Amazon Basin, Bolivia

A friend once pointed out that after spending over a year in South America I’d been to Paraguay twice…

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Guest post: Two Little Girls

My Life

Two Little girls, sitting on a mountain
With big dreams, flowing like a fountain
Children, God’s one creation
Looking at His another creation
Taking in the calmness of high mountains
And the depth of deep valleys
Wilderness of the breeze
Making their hands freeze
Little eyes, wishing to touch the sky
Like a bird, willing to fly
Two Little girls, sitting on a mountain
With big dreams, flowing like a fountain

Two little girls (2) Two little girls.. Spotted somewhere in between Phuentsholing to Thimphu,Bhutan

Poem by Gurpreet kaur a creative soul with a poetic mind had brought some lively emotions to this picture by her words. She sees the world differently and her words help us to see the world in her perspective. The way she expresses her thoughts in her poems is quite impressive. I have never seen the beauty of this picture until I read these lines from her..
..I hope…

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Fasten your seat belts, here we launch to # moon.


From the day of ancient man looked into the sky appeared the charming adorable lamp to the 1969’s Apollo missions, the moon is always been a deep ambition of human being.
Here i am not talking about the bla bla bla scientific features and properties of moon , i am talking about what the role of moon has in a life of a common human being.
The thing without which no poet can turn a loving lines , the thing without which no charming young boy can impress her princess, the thing without which we are in a deep  black out every night, it is the moon.
For someones it is an inspiring content, for someone it is a thing within which to get lost in peace, for some genius ones it is a matter to study and for someone it is product of astrology so that they can pretend…

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Tony A. Smith

Blue Jay Thanks

It has been a pretty good year.  I have met a lot of great friends in the blogging world, and on top of that my daughter just got married to a wonderful man.  I am also in pretty decent health now thanks to many of your recommendations.  We have shared a lot here between us and I am glad to have met each one of you.  GOD has blessed me.

I have been blessed by all of you and I wanted to do something nice for you.  This Wednesday, March 18th and Thursday, March 19th I am making (6) e-book versions of my books available for free on Amazon.

You can go to the following links starting tomorrow to get a free copy of your choice.  The top three are memoir type books while the bottom three are children’s books.

Oklahoma Ride Guideposts for Life

Ride on Time Matters of…

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