This is Not Just to Say

O at the Edges


This is Not Just to Say

Okay. I ate the damned
plums. But it’s not my

fault you left them
sitting there on the top

shelf, so sweet, so cold,
enticing me, as only

you, or perhaps a ripe
peach, or strawberries,

or Asian pears or even
pomegranates, can do.

Besides, you need
something substantial

for breakfast. How about
donuts, or bacon, instead?

My apologies to WCW, but I couldn’t resist. You can find the original Williams poem here.


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Cement Lubricant


  • They Poured CementInto My Engine
  • As a Lubricant
  • Before I was an infant
  • Solid, hard, I see this in other Men
  • They can’t be Brothers or best of friends
  • So they just pretend
  • Accept the end as The End
  • While waiting for someone elseto begin
  • Again, echoing, they’re solid, as Tin
  • Stuttering, stammering to talk the talk
  • Afraid to walk the walk
  • Making change, they’re blown about
  • By another’s wind
  • Shielded by a gilded grin
  • So my Thought engine
  • Hardened by pseudo-trials
  • Guilt riddendenials
  • Doesn’t vibrate
  • Acting on my emotions, I don’t hesitate
  • My conscious, immobile, can wait
  • My will, always brakes
  • Allowing the Man to pass
  • My son watches as I kiss his ass
  • Concentrated humiliation
  • I slap my son silentabout our situation
  • Convinced I’m saving his life
  • He doesn’t, but I know
  • Survival, extinguishes being a rival
  • Honor shrinks, accepting the status quo

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Walking back to the Edo Period at Hakone Sekisho

The Amazing Travels

After the collapse of the Kamakura shogunate in 1333, a warlord named Ashikaga Tokauji became a shogun in 1338.  The Ashikaga shogunate, Japan’s second shogunate, was called the “Age of the Country at War” but despite the chaos, trade was encouraged and Zen-inspired art started during this period. The government collapsed towards the end of this shogunate, with the local lords called daimyos gaining the loyalty of the samurai. The daimyos got peasants for their armies and became rulers of their respective territories. The last Ashikaga shogun was forced out of office by a local lord named Oda Nobunaga but was assassinated in 1582 and was succeeded by Hideyoshi, his best general. A power struggle ensued after Hideyoshi’s death in 1598 until Tokugawa Ieyasu, another Nobunaga’s general, gained victory in the Battle of Sekigahara in 1600.

In 1603, Tokugawa Ieyasu became the first shogun of the Tokugawa shogunate which was the…

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San Antonio Riverwalk


The thing I loved the most about the Riverwalk is how you could walk along the river at all times of the day. We had been there in the morning, at noon, and even after the clock struck midnight! When it was still light, I loved looking at the brightly colored umbrellas and the flower pots lining the stairs, the details of statues the Aztec Hotel, and the multitude of people who came to see it every day.

At night its beauty is softer, mellower, but in a sense more magical. The water glinted silver under the moonlight and the streetlights glowed in globes suspended in the air, like watching will-o-the-wisps. At midnight, the stores had closed and the restaurants were cleaning up, but the river itself seemed to come alive. One could hear the crickets and the rush of water. It is a pity that we could not capture the beauty of the…

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Dream Thief


It’s the windows down,

on a long bus ride.

It’s a four-poster bed

with French windows, and,

the beauty of a sunrise.

It’s the freckles on your cheeks,

the morning in your eyes.

It’s the moment, when,

a dream isn’t a dream anymore

and you’re free to fly…

It’s all things sorted in black and white:

The light of my life.

The dark of the lonely night.

It’s a collective memory;

the story in a dream

in it’s divine glory –

Little drops of heaven and chivalry.

Copyright, Snehal Rawal 2015.

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