The Storm


All the time I feel the air.
Breezing by, everywhere.
Can it feel me? Does it notice me?
Does anyone, anywhere really care to see?
Everywhere I go, there’s no feeling of space.
Free from the toxins that impale this place.
Gone are the times of solitude and innocence.
Here is the now, the age of dissonance.
I walk among the reckless and the recluse.
Just those who are already stuck in the noose.
Kindly floating by, observing society.
Listening to the lack of sincere propriety.
Missing their voice, which got caught in the wind.
Nothing’s right, we’re trying too hard to blend.
Only to discover it’s us who are the plague- blurring among the faces, all too vague.
People who fall to greed and lust,
Quiver so slightly in the air like dust.
Rising through the storm are the few.
Sickness has settled on us all like dew.

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The Glass Heart


Hanging from her neck.

The chain set in silver.

Her hand closes around the charm.

The glass heart beats between her fingers. 

Given to her by her high school sweet heart,

she wondered if he ever thought of her.

Never had she known someone like him.

Never had she known a truer love.

A sweet smile she has not seen since,

the night they were swept apart by the ocean of different lives.

Now the streets are cold.

But she always feels a little better with the weight of the glass heart under her sweater.

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Divine ‘Rapier’


  • During The Last Election
  • I didn’t Realize that certain Females
  • Had lost their civil protection
  • Two U.S. Senate candidates,
  • Indiana’s Richard Murdock and
  • Missouri’s Todd Akin
  • Both Republican
  • Mr. Mourdock claims,
  • While he was campaign rapping
  • That rape pregnancies,
  • God intended to happen
  • According to Mr. Akin
  • Pregnancies don’t occur
  • From ‘legitimate‘ rape
  • Now that’s food for thought
  • Goes against everything I was taught
  • Then again, I can see their point
  • What threatens their current situation
  • Is this uncontrolled, accelerating, miscegenation
  • Their voters, mostly white, are older
  • And dyingfrom sight
  • And, with this Nation’s integration
  • More white Mommas are having baby Obamas
  • So their main constituents, who look like them
  • Are dwindling down into the minority
  • Their chance of appealing to the new majority, slim
  • Withoutapartheid, separation or segregation
  • Guess that’s why they chose a Mormon
  • And His polygamist Religion
  • As their top Republican
  • To represent them
  • I…

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Slow and Steady

amateur airplanes

Sometimes it is difficult to find the motivation to continue through a build. I am finding less and less time to finish my Emhar F3H-2N Demon. With my work schedule, it seems as though this project will never be completed. Lately I have been on twelve and sixteen hour shifts that don’t afford the time needed to build as I wish. I have been spending five minutes here and there with little to show for my efforts.
I am a little disappointed with this kit. This is my first Emhar build and I feel a little cheated. For the price of the kit, I expected more detail and craftsmanship. Luckily I was able to pick up a set of Airwaves photo etched parts on ebay to fill the void. The fuselage went together nicely, although the panel lines didn’t match up along the spine. I sanded them down and rescribed…

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Tweed Heads – New South Wales

The Inspiration Shots

Week 26/52

Tweed Heads is a town located on the Tweed River in north-eastern New South Wales, Australia, in Tweed Shire. Tweed Heads is located next to the border with Queensland, adjacent to the “Twin Town” of Coolangatta, a suburb of the Gold Coast. It is often referred to as a town where you can change time zones – even celebrate New Year twice within an hour – simply by crossing the street, due to its proximity to the Queensland border, and the fact that New South Wales observes daylight saving whereas Queensland does not.

In 1823 John Oxley was the first European to see the Tweed Valley, and he wrote of it: “A deep rich valley clothed with magnificent trees, the beautiful uniformity of which was only interrupted by the turns and windings of the river, which here and there appeared like small lakes. The background was Mt. Warning…

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