The Fabled Rutland Milk in New York State


As you know if you are a regular reader, we have covered the “Fabled Rutland Milk” a lot. We even named it “FABLED”.  But we  mostly talk about the era when it went through Troy.

The Rutland Milk started in Ogdensburg, went across the top of New York State, crossed into Vermont and turned over to New York Central at Chatham for trip to New York City.

Well , the New York Central ran it from Chatham to New York City:

In the Third Quarter 2015 publication of the New York Central Historical Society, Jack Shufelt supplied some comments regarding the “North White Plains: Equipment, Facilities, and Operations” article.

“F-Ms were not the only power used on the daily Rutland Milk train in the 1950s. Alcos and GMs were also used. It was all based on whatever 72nd Street had ready. In the old days, the Rutland Milk…

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