New Hartford, New York cow captured by ‘real live’ cowboys

It was like a scene from an old Western movie on French Road on Friday afternoon as cowboys on horseback corralled and lassoed the famous New Hartford cow.

“We just went hunting for the cow in the woods, the dogs jumped on him and started barking and we (walked) him out here,” said Curt Walker, one of the four cowboys. “Then we roped him. It was dangerous. It was crazy. Truthfully, very scary.”

The rogue cow — which the men deduced is a 1,600-pound, 3-year-old heifer — was first spotted on Route 840 in mid-June. New Hartford police had tried to trap it with food but had no luck.

Utica police got involved Saturday when the cow was seen near the Uptown Theatre on Genesee Street, and were contacted soon after by Walker and his friends.

The four men — Walker, Steven Batchelder, Brandon Martindale and Steven Miller — used three Louisiana Catahoula Leopard dogs and four horses to track down the elusive heifer, which wsa finally caught around 1:30 p.m. Friday.

These guys are experts. They come from Washington County and are hired regularly by farmers whose cattle or other animals run away or become loose.



DoubleU = W


Masses of matter floating about,

Pressed together and flung about.

Black holes of nothingness,

Yet a universe of infinite masses.

Me, reduced to a speck of dust,

So why in all of this do I matter?


Am I in anyway significant?

Does this speck of dust stand apart?

Hurled through space on a blue-green ball.

Do I even have meaning in this world?

And how do I fit into the greater cosmos?

Or am I just that speck awaiting destruction?


May I leave a mark that will prove I’ve existed,

In this ever-expanding macrocosm?

May I prove my brief presence here,

Diminutively or to the nth degree?

What proof may I leave behind?

Will words only suffice?


Galaxy upon galaxy and yet here I am,

A cog in the universal wheel.

If I am but a dot within the greater creation,

Shall I shout at a…

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