How to be confident


Confidence is the full trust and belief in yourself. Everyone has problems with the issue of self confidence especially the teenagers. So I decided to give few tips on how to build self confidence.

? Dress with confidence
You don’t have to spend a fortune on new clothes as long as you have those that make you feel comfortable and happy.

?speak positively
Don’t bring yourself and others down. Speak good things always and don’t let negativity dominate your heart.

? Recognise your flaws
If you know your flaws, then no one can bring you down about it. If someone mentions your flaws to you,  just smile and say i know. That alone makes you feel more confident about yourself.

?Don’t forget to smile
Smiling brings out the inner beauty of a person and it also makes other people like you and attracted to you which makes you feel confident.

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Daily Mail

DoubleU = W

every week

six days a week

here he comes

small white van

down the side road

stop after stop

u-turn and back

to our box


I can’t imagine

the tedium

the boredom


house 111

box 125

house 113

box 127

box 129


but he has bills

probably a car

monthly payments

insurance to pay

kids at home

a wife off to her job


after he’s done

winding through

the neighborhood

maybe he’ll have the time

to go home and

relax with a beer


in the meantime,

I hope he doesn’t

leave the wrong mail


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SENSORS (What do they have to do with Vending Machines?)



Recently, Mike Martz introduced us to the Internet of Things (IoT). This is what happens when you combine cloud technology, wireless networks, standardized communications protocols, RFID, worldwide IP networks, Big Data, miniaturized sensors, and cheap storage and computing power. Let’s drill down on SENSORS!
The concept of IoT originated in the Auto-ID Lab at MIT in 1999 and was based on RFID, but has been expanded since to include sensor devices that enable machine to machine communication and autonomous event-driven decision making. Sensors are appearing in traffic signals, factories, distributors, homes and even the weather. A while back I reported on XML in Your Weather. While I was primarily focusing on the METAR coding scheme to send weather data around the World, the “Weatherman” told me a lot about Big Data and things like “smart” rain gauges.

Not like they sprung these sensors on us overnight. They have…

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