All the Little Railroads Around Bridgeport Connecticut

1. the old HRR main line that followed Housatonic Ave. (natch!) and descended to ground level at Grand St.; served Bpt Brass and other customers, small yard;

2. Seaview Ave Industrial RR (SAIRR): electric service to many customers down to Carpenter Steel (originally American Tube & Stamping, later Stanley Works, etc);

3. Union Metallic Cartridge RR (Remington Arms) that served Singer (sewing machines) and was extended to General Electric on Boston Ave, Remington Woods powder farm, etc.;

4. Railroad Ave. from the West End yard (Bresky’s/Burr Rd. tower) to Casco, Dictaphone, circus winter-quarters trackage, Wordin Ave reverse curve to rendering plant, etc.;

5. Crane Valve RR, independent company that went from West End Lumber down to Sikorsky; when Alcoa took it over in the 1940s, it became the Cedar Creek RR.


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