Do Fiction Writers Live Vicariously Through Their Characters?

The Lonely Author

Yes, I do.

Remember the last time someone acted a bit snarky with you at the supermarket or on line at the local bank. Have you replayed a moment like that in your mind wishing you had said something clever? Well, one of my secondary characters in my manuscript Paradox, his name is Razor, always has a wry remark ready. Yes, and I grit my teeth and shake my fist every time he says the clever line that’s never discharged from my mouth.

Do I Live vicariously through my characters?

YES, yes, yes. I admit it. With no shame or guilt. My characters accomplish all the things that I never could. They lead exciting lives traveling the world, sipping on the finest champagne, making love to the most beautiful women, and most importantly; overcoming every obstacle. And trust me, I make it hard for them!

Andrew Duran the mysterious fugitive with…

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Does Blogging Help An Unpublished Writer

The Lonely Author

Hello, as a new member to the blogging world, I ask myself is this platform useful for an unpublished writer. Having read varying opinions about this, I will offer a few random thoughts about the subject.

First, what negatives can come from blogging (other than carpal tunnel syndrome)? Not knowing how to effectively manage one’s time can be a major setback. Blogging your life away when you could be editing your manuscript, writing the next chapter, or improving your query appears to be the greatest danger. Too many people get caught up in social media and forget the priorities in their lives. If your goal is to become a published author, your writing must come before your blog.

Blogging doesn’t necessarily translate into improved book sales for a fiction writer. I have read reports that state blogging is a huge plus for writers of non-fiction, who have a platform to demonstrate…

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DoubleU = W


If you could be here right now,

There would be laughter, I’m sure.

If I could see you right now,

There would be no doubt I love you.


If allowed a return to days,

The songs I could play for you,

By the thousands you could listen.

There would be no doubt of friendship.


If the fates would only allow,

One more moment spent with you,

Joyous time would be enjoined.

There would be no doubt we love you.


If only for an instant,

Your voice once more could be heard,

To hear you call me Hot Rod.

There would be no doubt you love me.


But again the time has come,

A reminder to count days.

Now fourteen Februarys.

There is no doubt you are gone.



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