Your wings

The Journey of My Left Foot (whilst remembering my son)


Tuesday 29th September

“Your Wings
Were Ready
But My
Was Not”

So very true.
I was just not ready at all to let you go.
Unbelievably unexpected.
No clues or symptoms.

To all intents and purposes things were improving.
Your tumours were shrinking.
One more infusion of chemotherapy.
That was all.
You were on day ninety nine out of one hundred days of treatment.
You had taken it well.
You did what you had to do.
You did what you were told.

We were making plans.
We talked to you about organising holidays.
Being able to get away.
Have fun.
To live your life.

But no.
It was just not to be.
Your body couldn’t take any more chemotherapy.
You fell asleep and didn’t wake up.
You went to Heaven.
Quickly and quietly.

And we are left behind.

We miss you like crazy.

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Hitting the Power Plant HR Cardboard Ceiling

Power Plant Men

I spent 12 weeks in Oklahoma City in 1996 working in an office building while the Power Plant Men came to the rescue and caused a culture shock for some who had never experienced a group of Power Plant Men so closely packed in an office cubicle before.  The effect can almost be the same as if you have too many radioactive particles compressed together causing a chain reaction ending in a tremendous explosion.  Having survived this experience I became intrigued with the idea of working in an office on a computer instead of carrying a tool bucket up 25 flights of stairs to fix the boiler elevator.

Our team had been in Oklahoma City when we were converting the Electric Company in Oklahoma to a new financial and planning system known as SAP.  See the post:  “Corporate Executive Kent Norris Meets Power Plant Men“.  One other person…

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Meal Planning…A Love/Hate Relationship

Looking Joli Good

Continue to journey with me from Flab to FAB

Do you meal plan?  Do you love it?  Hate it?  

Now that I have gone back to work, meal planning is going to be more important than ever!  I used to be able to go grocery shopping whenever I felt like it and take my time.  Then all afternoon I’d be planning and making dinner.  Not so much anymore.

When I come home from working all day the absolute last thing I feel like doing is taking the time to make a big healthy meal. (Can I get an Amen!)  I am starving from running around taking care of patients all dayand I want to eat right then!  I have to admit, I had a bit of a rough time with sticking to my diet this week.  I did awesome during breakfast and lunch, but when I got…

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