Tightening and melting (full story)


Hayley: A massage would be amazing!

ME: I would like to give it to you, a massage

And I bet your hands are magical

Id hope so, relax you, take away the stress. starting with your shoulders and neck and head

I’d love it

Anything to take away the tension from work:

yeah i can feel a lot to tension, so i will work on you for a while

Perfect 👌

I feel better already..

where else needs attention?

My back needs it. And my legs:

My body is exhausted

okay, I get you to remove your top and pants and lay down on the table, as I kneed my hands and elbows across your skin working in circles from your shoulders to your ankles

Wow.. Feels magical

I feel at ease

It’s giving me tingles all over my body

I rub your thighs, all up and down…

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