Chances are if you were to watch a television program, movie or read an illustrated book on Egypt, you are probably more likely to see an image of a white European than a black African, but despite that ancient historical omission by western media corporations or even most American school textbooks, there are millions of them.

They are the Nubian people of southern Egypt and northern Sudan, the the descendants of the ancient people who ruled the powerful Kingdom of Kush ( also referred to as the Nubian Dynasty), of the central nile Valley. At their height the black Pharoahs of Nubia conquered and ruled over ancient Egypt from 760 BC to 656 BC from their capital of Meroe, in Sudan.



The modern day Nubians still live in the lands of southern Egypt and northern Sudan, the lands their regal ancestors once dominated. Despite centuries of…

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Weekly Product Highlight ~ Lipgloss ~ Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Gloss~

Looking Joli Good

Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Gloss~ Limited Edition Peony Sheen 270 and Mirrored Plum 240 | Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Gloss~ Limited Edition Peony Sheen 270 and Mirrored Plum 240

Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Gloss

I am a lipgloss lover!  I like my lips to be shiny, smooth, and slick but not sticky. That is exactly what these Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Glosses provide.  The shadesPeony Sheen 270 and Mirrored Plum 240 both have a slight sparkle to them without being overly glittery.  The  Mirrored Plum 240 shade looks more purple in the tube, but on the lips it comes off as more of a lavender. While the two shades that I have featured here are actually limited edition (sorry, not sure if they are still available 😦 ) there are several other beautiful shades to choose from, 12 shades to be exact.

What does the Maybelline Website have to say about the Color Sensational Lip Gloss:

12 captivating shades

Why You’ll Love It

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1. Black Egyptians experience racism daily: the black community in Egypt are deemed “inferior minorities”, subjecting them to varying degrees of racial discrimination and degrading treatment.


2. Racial discrimination is not criminalized in Egypt : very little is done to take a legal stance against the discrimination that the black Egyptians are subject to on a daily basis.


3. RACIAL slurs are commonly directed towards black people in public places : the terms ” Chocalata” and “Samara” are often used to refer to those of the black community in Egypt. The word “Zarboon” meaning slave is also used to refer to black people in Egypt.


4. Black women are often treated as if they are promiscuous : Black Egyptian women are often treated as inferior concubines. In fact, a 2013 government survey determined that 99.3 percent of Egyptian women have been sexually assaulted at one time or another.


5. Colorism…

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Koje-do (part one)

Pacific Paratrooper

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On February 1952, the U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for the Far Eastern Affairs, U. Alexis Johnson, suggested a screening program for the POWs held by the UN troops.  This would constitute interviewing and segregating them into repatriates and non-repatriates.  On 27 February,  Pres. Truman approved the plan and made it the final US position at the Panmunjom peace talks.  Washington was under the impression that this would give each POW a freedom of choice – that was far from the truth.

UN prisoner of war camp No. 1, a rocky, hilly, 150 square mile island in the Korean Strait approximately 30 miles southeast of Pusan, was a constant problem, but now it was about to get even worse.

Australian newspaper item Australian newspaper item

The first serious incident occurred on 18 February between a battalion of the US 27th Infantry Regiment and the communist POWs.  After the event, 8th Army commander, Gen…

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Top Ten Disadvantages To Marrying a Writer

The Lonely Author

Top Ten Disadvantages to Marrying A Writer

10- He encourages you to find your voice even when you don’t have laryngitis

   9- You will be expected to critique the first draft of the Dear John letter he is writing for you.

   8- Writer’s block prevents her from completing the grocery list.

   7- During disagreements your spouse will always take the omniscient point of view.

   6- He provides vivid descriptions of what he did in the bathroom.

   5- The only time he will throw out the garbage if you refer to it as the slush pile.

   4- During the middle of an argument your spouse stops to search for a thesaurus in order to avoid word repetition.

   3- You go to a sex counselor and realize your spouse’s definition of climax is different from yours.

   2- Your spouse will inform you the threatening tone…

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How to Foil the T-Shirt Thief: Decoy Shirts

Kevin Hellriegel's Blog of Worthless Advice

Image from   Who wouldn’t be insane witImage from

I have a T-shirt thief in my house; my T-shirts have become her pajamas and I only get to see my old friends as I do the laundry.  However, I have a clever plan to foil this T-Shirt thief.  Well, more like limit the shirts she decides to use.  I have a decoy drawer of shirts!  To give you a little history of men and their love for T-Shirts, I have two drawers of T-shirts (Tee Shirts).  Why two drawers? I have two drawers because everyone knows men NEVER throw their T-shirts away.  Unlike my worthless advice, my T-shirts never become worthless.  If a man does get rid of a T-shirt, it is clearly a mistake or an accidental lapse of sanity.  Who isn’t insane with your T-shirt collection is in consent danger of being stolen?

Keeping that in mind, I put all of my least favorite shirts…

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