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Hello my Beautiful friends!

Its mid-week (yay!). This is also another long overdue post. I was putting off this for awhile as I have never done a travel blog. Mainly because I am not a savvy photographer. But guess what,! battling your inner flaws is your strength. So ta-da here it is! A trip to Paris. I traveled last year and only had a day stop over at Paris. So me and my colleague ( yes it was a business trip ) we extended a day to explore beautiful Paris.

We took a metro service called Thalys to travel from Amsterdam Central to Paris. A comfortable ride I would say. With Wi-Fi and lovely breakfast, it was worth every penny.

Thalys to paris

Heavy Breakfast in Thalys 

Thalys to paris snack

Tea snack!

Since it was just a day trip in Paris, we dumped our luggage in – Mercure Paris Bercy Bibliotheque. It was one of the…

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My Himalayan Odyssey!

The Traveller Kaur

Clouds are rumbling; teeming rain, as I sit to pen down my experience of a weeklong stay in Himalayas. My Himalayan Odyssey! It’s been more than 4 weeks that I’m back from yet another unforgettable road trip. Trips that are adding up to my life! It was surely a wonderful journey and I’m equally excited to write about it along with the sound of rain drops falling on the window.

As usual, journey started on Friday night. Friday – happiest day of the week for all Grey-collar workers! 😛 There is no need to worry about food when on National Highway -1. There are lot of “Dhabas (small kitchen)” on the way. The famous place for Dhabas and food is, Murthal. We stopped here, at Gulshan for dinner. The first destination was Manali! We were four friends, connected to a string of same passion. Harpal, an expert in driving and…

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50 Shades of Black and Blue

The Lonely Author

Friends on occasion ask me, Lonely Author do you penchant poetry? Yes, people close to me use the word penchant. That demonstrates I don’t monkey around when it comes to deciding who I let into my inner circle.

After journeying through the blogosphere and reading the intriguing works of many a poet and poetess, I am inspired to dabble in poetic verse or two.

I hope I inspire you as well. (And I don’t mean to quit writing.)

50 Shades of Black and Blue

                                                    By Lonely Author

She beat me to a pulp
that’s what sadists do
kicked me over and over
til I was 50 shades of black and blue

She hit me with a bat
slammed against the window sill
oh the…

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~Weekly Product Highlight~ Face Cleanser~Precision Pore Cleansing Pad~

Looking Joli Good

~Weekly Product Highlight~ Face Cleanser~Precision Pore Cleansing Pad | Precision Pore Cleansing Pad

Precision Pore Cleansing Pad

Sometimes you just want to get your face cleaned all the way deep down! You could pay $100-300 for a Clarisonic brush or you can just spend $6 and use a little bit of gentle elbow grease.

I bought this Precision Pore Cleansing Pad about 4 weeks ago and I have been in love with it ever since.  For only $6 this thing is amazing!  It really makes my face wash foam up and deeply cleans my face. I also use it daily and have had no problems with irritation.It has soft silicone nubs that gently massage the face and feel so good. Paired with my CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser it is like a match made in Heaven.  I also bought a second one and have been using it to clean my brushes. It works perfectly!  I highly recommend this simple yet effective cleansing…

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