Jake Cross Can’t Live Another Day Without Her

The Lonely Author

Seven billion people dead; yet his selfish heart only mourned for one.

The distraught figure dragged his body to the ledge of the mountaintop, as if he alone towed the burdens of a dying planet. He looked down on the futuristic metropolis constructed over the ashes of mankind. The alien city with its pale glass structures resembled a crystal cemetery of broken dreams.

Clutching the last remaining evidence that humans once inhabited the Earth, he groaned.

Through misty eyes, Jake Cross admired a photograph of his wife Lisa. His heart pounded against his ribs like a relentless bill collector at the door. Intolerable emptiness grew inside him like a cancerous black hole, eating away at his brittle psyche, devouring his aching soul.

He pressed the photo against his heaving chest as if her image could wipe away his pain.

Who better to console him? Lisa always neutralized his sorrows with…

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Can You Read This

DoubleU = W

can you read this

or would your atrophied

heart learn of its condition

can you read this

or would feeling return

to your numb soul

can you read this

or would it endanger

your predetermined notions

can you read this

or might it bring down

the high horse supporting you

can you read this

or might your perfection

be proven to be self-created

can you read this

or would you come crashing down

from your imagined heights

can you read this

or could you possibly learn

that I’m as good as you


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What Would You Do For Money?


The economy isn’t in the best shape and it seems almost impossible to make ends meet. So what are you willing to do for money?

Over the past few years I have heard many Americans complain that the immigrants are taking all the jobs from Americans. At first, I thought that this statement was just an excuse to blame someone for our misfortune but then I decided to dig a little deeper.

Today I watched the documentary “The Worst Job In New York: Immigrant America” and I would recommend everyone to watch it. This film opened my eyes to the topic of immigration in America. As an African American I can relate to the fact that Hispanics were discriminated against because of their ethnicity. In the film, it talks about the constant battles that some Hispanics face in upstate New York because of their ethnicity. Illegal and legal immigrants are constantly stopped and…

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