Best Bars on the Upper West Side

Mary in Manhattan

Hi all! I wrote a post for Thirsty NYC on the best bars on the Upper West Side for different occasions – read below and check out the full article on

The Upper West Side has a serious spread of bars ­ but you have to know where to look. You can get mixed up in the likes of “Gin Mill,” but we wouldn’t want that (ping pong tables are sooooo college).

Here are the bars to look out for if you’re out on the Upper West:

The Chic Spot (The Dakota Bar)

Dakota Bar Upper West SidePhoto by Dakota Bar

Perfect for a girls’ night out, this wine and cocktail bar is chic and decorated like your “Dream House” Pinterest board. Small bites like the mini burgers and prosciutto­ wrapped blue cheese and pears are just the right size and easily shared over a “Love Potion Number Wine” cocktail.

Live Music (Prohibition

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