I carry my stain stick with me – Im officially my mother.

Being Margaret


We’ve been told all our lives that the day would come.  The day when we will officially turn into our Moms.  It’s universal.  It’s a mysterious phenomenon that can not be avoided and can not be controlled.  One day you wake up and bam! – You can’t keep your kids names straight, you remind people to grab a jacket before leaving the house and you’ve become a bit more judgmental.  *You’re going to wear that?*

I noticed the change slowly. I shrugged off the first few warnings, thinking it was just paranoia. I brushed off the comments when people started saying I looked so much like her. I ignored the first few signs, thinking they were just coincidences.  A little similarity here and there.  A comment about turning this car around, which I swore I’d never utter.  The gestures.  The mannerisms.  All the little things.   I’d catch myself…

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The Duck Says Quack!

Through Open Lens

Ruddy Duck

F/ 10.0, 1/400, ISO 250.

Ruddy Duck

Day 312 / 365

What did the duck say when he dropped the dishes?

I hope I didn’t quack any!”
Interesting Fact: Though Ruddy Ducks are native to the Americas, one population became established in England after captive ducks escaped in 1952. This population grew to about 3,500 individuals by 1992, and now appears to be expanding into the Netherlands, France, Belgium, and Spain. ( https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Ruddy_Duck/lifehistory ).

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Water dispenser in centralized air conditioned office: Does it needs electricity?

Your Well Wisher Program


Lets talk for the region of the world where the climate is moderately hot.

In most of the centralized AC offices, a water dispenser is switched with power supply and there are two outlets – one for hot water and one for cold water.
Let’s understand how it is used.

Option 1. Few workers bring their glass or bottle. Take cold water and drink it.

Question 1: How does human body works to the chilled water when outside climate is cold?
Curious!, mention your responses in the comments based on your understanding. Don’t refer any document.

Option 2: Few workers bring their glass or bottle. Take cold water and adds some quantity of hot water. So, they drink water at normal temperature.

Question 2: How does human body works to the water with normal temperature when outside climate is cold?
Curious!, mention your responses in the comments based on your…

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Blow The Speakers

Through Open Lens


F/4.5, 1/ 60, ISO 320.

Day 213 / 365

A guy is sitting in the restaurant when suddenly he realize that he needed to pass gas. The music was really, really loud, so he timed his
gas with the beat of the music. After a couple of songs, he started to feel better. He finished his coffee, and noticed that everybody was staring at him….
Then he suddenly remembered that he was listening to his iPod.

Interesting Fact: Johann Philipp Reis installed an electric loudspeaker in his telephone in 1861; it was capable of reproducing clear tones, but also could reproduce muffled speech after a few revisions.[3]Alexander Graham Bell patented his first electric loudspeaker (capable of reproducing intelligible speech) as part of his telephone in 1876, which was followed in 1877 by an improved version from Ernst Siemens. During this time, Thomas Edison was issued a British patent for a system using compressed air as an amplifying…

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Best Of 2015 (3/20): The Red Lips – Anastasia Beverly Hills American Doll, Kat Von D Beauty Outlaw, MAC Cosmetics Charlotte + Stunner – Swatches


Hi All! As I am moving along with my Best Of 2015 I looked into my collection of lipsticks. There are a few ways I thought of attacking this one. I thought I would categorize them by liquid versus lipstickby color, or by collection releases. I thought categorizing them by color would be more organized. My picks for the top four red lipsticks in my collection are Anastasia Beverly Hills in American Doll, Kat Von D Beauty in Outlaw, MAC Cosmetics Charlotte, and Stunner. I thought this post to be ideal for the holiday “red-lip” season that is coming our way. I am ready for it! Swatches of these lipsticks are seen in the following pictures shortly.

  • Anastasia Beverly Hills – American Doll is a liquid lipstick with a blue-based red color that dries matte
  • Kat Von D Beauty – Outlaw is bright brick-red liquid lipstick that dries matte
  • MAC Cosmetics – Charlotte…

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Cost of Living in Bilbao Spain (It’s Good!)

Living in Bilbao, Spain. Photo Credit: Khrystyna Kaminska Living in Bilbao, Spain. Photo Credit: Khrystyna Kaminska

Bilbao, Spain has a great collection of opportunities for art, music, sports, and recreation. So, how much does it cost to live there?

Let’s take a look at some everyday living details in Bilbao:

Employment Rates: As many are aware, Spain has just about the highest rate of unemployment in European Union, usually fighting with Greece for first place. Unemployment in Spain in the last two years (2013, 2014) has been more than 24% (source: Eurostat, the European Union statistics office).

However, the Basque region and Bilbao in particular have done better than the national average. This success has been supported by improvements such as a newer airport, better train access, and the Guggenheim Museum’s gravitational pull. The combination of these makes Bilbao a more desirable spot for people and business. As a result, Bilbao’s unemployment rate has improved to 10% (2014…

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