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Dreamspinner Extraordinaire

I’ve been toying with the idea of creating this section for some time now. My blog is mostly about personal stuff. It is not surprising that my writings tend to dwell on life, death, and trying to deal with existence. I like to ponder about possibilities. But I also have this habit of reading about the affairs of the world.

Three years ago, I’ve taken a particular interest on the Syrian Civil War. As a Filipino, my knowledge about the Middle East is quite limited. History was not my favorite subject, at least not when I was at school. I’ve heard tidbits from my mother who worked as a domestic helper more than three decades ago; first in Kuwait, to a wonderful family who treated her like their own. Her stories about this family were told many times during my childhood that it feels like I knew them. My mom…

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Cool Places to Eat & Drink When You’re Stuck in Midtown East

Mary in Manhattan

Midtown East is an unfortunate and desolate food vacuum. I work in the area and when I have to plan a meeting over coffee, lunch or happy hour, I get stressed out trying to find a restaurant or café. Luckily, I have discovered some actual cool spots in the area, and they’ve become my go-to’s.

Here’s what to look for when you’re struggling in the food desert that is Midtown East.

Woops! Bakery (2nd ave between 60th and 61st)

Prime coffee date material over here. I’ve only been in the one on 2nd avenue, but it looks like there is one on 3rd ave as well. With white tiled floors and tables, the place is very cute, airy, bright and serves up a good cup o’Joe. (I don’t think I’ve ever said “Cup of Joe” out loud.)

bakery Photo courtesy of Woops! Bakery

What to order:

  • Coffee (duh)
  • Also one of those…

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Day 1045: Sit down

The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally

How much do you sit down, during a typical day?

During the work week, I sit down while facilitating groups and individual therapy. Other people sit down, too, during those sessions.

When I am not sitting down, I am often up and walking around, thank goodness.

Yesterday, I sat down in my car and drove to East Boston to sit down in some chairs for my new office, which sits in Newton, Massachusetts. I want chairs that are (1) comfortable for people to sit down in and (2) easily storable, so other therapists can sit down in that office and use it when I’m not there.

Sit down and see these photos that were sitting on my iPhone:



The chairs I purchased yesterday for my new office — which are great for sitting down and for storing away — are sitting in one of…

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