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Title: Up late at the hippie convent.

I like this place, they have good food, an alacrt menu. And yeah everyone is volunteers, it sounds amazing, I do like that I can find a seat easily. I want to chat about it but at the same time, I don’t like sharing to much as I think it will get ruined maybe… maybe not. Which would be a good thing as it is so easy for my friends and I to get to.

Afrter diner, we sat down on the slopping grass, listened to sheep baa, and watched as hundreds of bats flew over. There were people playing hand drums that have a nice watery sound that I heard a lot in india and other intereremets with one dude dancing to a different beat in his head. I hippie wearing a seahorse around his neck came by and sat down near…

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MTA Maintenance Locomotives

After undergoing an overhaul by Brookville Equipment Corp., the first of seven MTA Metro-North Railroad maintenance locomotives re-entered service last weekend. Around the same time, a second unit began its journey back to New York from Brookville’s plant in Pennsylvania.

The remaining five units will cycle through a progressive locomotive overhaul program and gradually re-enter rescue and maintenance-of-way service for Metro-North through 2017. The overhaul is expected to add a minimum 20 years of service life to the locomotives, Brookville officials said in a press release.

The units are being rebuilt as GP35R locomotives, which requires a complete teardown and rebuild, including restoration to the frame, engine, air brakes and trucks, along with a complete refinishing.

In addition, several modernizations are being made to the locomotives, such as the integration of a new locomotive control system that provides wireless diagnostics for maintenance personnel and helps improve rail adhesion, Brookville officials said.

Originally manufactured by General Motors Electro-Motive Diesel in 1964, the locomotives underwent a light overhaul more than 20 years ago. Brookville secured a contract to rebuild the seven units as GP35R locomotives in 2013.