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It’s time I shared with you guys another blog I am head over heals with! Stop whatever you are doing now and go check out A Beautiful Mess. If you haven’t already been a fan of these girls for a while now, you will today. This is the first real blog I found and started following years ago. Aspiring to be anything close to them is a lofty goal, but these gals are truly inspirational and amazing.

I found them, again, through Pinterest while stalking through hair styles. But they have evolved way past that. Through the years of stalking them,it has been crazy seeing how their site has changed and grown.Sisters, Elsie and Emma, have created not only a fabulous and fun website, but a company, career, andbrand. These gal’s siteis one of the most visited blogs in the world and if you check it out for…

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Let Me Lift Up Your Smile

Through Open Lens


F/14.0, 259.0, ISO 64.

Day 217 / 365

There were three workers; one crane operator, one pole climber, one guide.
The guide tied the crane to the end of a pole. The crane operator would then pick the pole up on end. The climber climbed to the top and dropped a tape measure which the guide promptly read and noted the measurement. The crane operator then lowered the pole to the ground and repsitioned to pick up another pole.
This went on several times when the foreman came over and asked why they couldn’t measure the poles while they were laying on the ground?
The worker replied, “we need to know how tall the poles are, not how long”.


Interesting Fact: It is assumed that Roman engineers lifted these extraordinary weights by two measures (see picture below for comparable Renaissance technique): First, as suggested by Heron, a lifting tower…

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