10 tips for designing an amazing book cover

World of Horror


1. Behold the Power of the Cover

People will literally judge your book by its cover. They cannot help it – humans are visual. In fact, in an article entitled “Judging a Book by its Cover,” Psychology Today magazine says that the visual area comprises 30 percent of the cortex, located near the back of the human brain.

So, put as much thought into your cover as you did creating the title of your book.

2. Avoid Homemade Drawings
Nothing shouts “Stay away from this book” like a homemade drawing. Avoid homemade drawings unless you are a professional artist.

3. Create an Informative Back Cover
An amazing front cover is eye candy that tells the buyer your book is worth a second glance. The buyer spends that second glance looking at the back cover. The back cover should be an infomercial that validates the buyer’s excitement and assures him your…

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