Speaking Into the Universe

DoubleU = W

I sent my words out

into the universe

I sent my dreams

I sent my hopes

I sent my wishes

I sent my desires

hoping for a benevolent’s


instead my words

fell among darkness

swallowed by a vacuum


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A Faded Man

The Lonely Author

A Faded Man

A faded man with dulled glories from yesterday

no planning for tomorrow just living for today

fractured remembrances he can no longer view

strange faces replaced the family that he knew

memories erased from the chalkboard of his mind

leaving no recollection of the wife he left behind

Inspiration is all around us. I recently viewed (for the umpteenth time) a wonderful movie based on a book (The Notebook) from one of my favorite authors, Nicholas Sparks.  It reminded me of Nancy Reagan and the sad end to President Ronald Reagan’s glorious life.

Today, coincidentally, is the thirtieth anniversary of the first meeting between Reagan and Gorbachev.

One other note: We don’t have to wait for Thanksgiving to be grateful.

Keep writing.


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June 1943 (2)

Pacific Paratrooper

The jungle of New Georgia The jungle of New Georgia

On New Georgia there were no trails or roads.  When a passage was cut, a company-size unit of men would turn the footing into a sea of mud.  The only large, flat area was a former copra plantation around the Munda airfield.  Charts were another problem.  They were pre-WWII and some dated back to the German Admiralty of the 1890’s.


21-30 June – Operation Toenails began with air and naval bombardments on Japanese land positions.  The waters were mined to prevent the enemy from bringing in reinforcements.  Col. Michael Currin’s Raiders of the 4th Marines landed first and then were relieved by 2 other infantry companies.  Sergi Point was taken and they began heading toward Viru Harbor, going through the thick Kunai grass filled with enemy snipers.  Sgt. Anthony Coulis, of P Company, remembered hacking at the grass for 12 exhausting hours to go 7…

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Zara Queen of the Handbag DUPE


If you look around my blog you might notice my love of Zara Handbags (and Zara in general but today we are talking about bags). I have always enjoyed their designs and I also believe that they offer great quality products at a great price. 

In the past couple of seasons I have noticed more and more how some of their handbag designs are quite heavily inspired by popular high-end handbags . Couple of months back I got obsesses with one of their bags which was very much inspired by the Chanel Boy Bag (you can see some of those posts here and here). Lets be honest what are the chances that I will some day get to own the real deal?  So if there is a designer bag out there that you can`t seam to get out of your head check out the Zara website you might find…

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