Notable Kentucky Feuds

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notable feuds 1899

In the mountains of Kentucky, where many years ago sturdy Scotch immigrants made themselves homes, the only law is the law of the clans, as strong today there as it was in the Highlands five hundred years ago. Let a man be killed in a dispute over a stolen shoat, a $20 buckboard or a paltry raft of logs — and they kill men there for just such things as these — his kinsmen kill his slayer, and thenceforth every ready rifles keep merrily popping until one or the other of the families is practically exterminated.

Such a feud is that now being waged  between the Bakers and the Howards, which, in fourteen months, has cost six lives and has caused the authorities to decide on sending into Clay county a special judge and prosecuting attorney, under a strong state guard, to bring the murderer of “Tom” Baker to a…

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Mytwosentences 117



Morning after monotonous morning he wandered about wearing untied black boots, grubby work gloves and a small knit hat which exaggerated the size of his ears.
Before beginning the chaotic afternoon collection of discarded bottles and cans, he crouched near the foot of his favorite tree to momentarily ease a weary yet undefeated sense of being.
(Photo: Edward Roads)

Written by Edward Roads

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Day 1054: Here and Now

The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally

In therapy and in this blog, I invite people to be in the here and now.

Here and now, I’ll try to explain why that is.

If we focus our attention on the present,  we can

  • appreciate the gifts of the moment,
  • be less overwhelmed,
  • be more aware of what we can control,
  • let go of regrets about the past,
  • reduce fear about the future (which is unknown), and
  • identify achievable next steps.

Being in the here and now isn’t easy. It takes practice, commitment, and vigilance  to gently refocus our attention — which wanders  to the future, the past, all over the place —  to the present moment.

Are you with me?  Are you here and now?  Or are you thinking about

  • what’s already happened (which you can’t change),
  • what might happen (or might not), and
  • other places?

Here, now, are some photos presently on my phone:


Here, now…

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The Executioner’s Diary

The Lonely Author

The following is the opening of my protagonist’s first entry in his diary.

Looking back at my life, it is obvious that destiny chose me, this only child of Cuban refugees, to be its guardian of justice. For every twist and turn in my life and my father’s life before me, prepared me for the role I was born to play. Chosen to be a tool of destiny, fate sculpted me through misfortune and injustice, to be its great equalizer; its merciless hammer of justice.

As hard as my father tried to guide me, he created the thing he detested most, a puppet on a string. Who could have guessed the United States government would pull the cords? If there truly is a day of judgment, I hope, my father and the good Lord analyze the rationale behind my actions. Destiny led me down this God-forsaken path. Fate made me…

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Oh My Galle!!!

Sree is travelling

Let me be honest with you all – while I was planning for my Sri Lankan trip, I wasn’t expecting much in Galle. As I had already explored Colombo city during my day of arrival in Lanka, I was looking for a place which was comfortably away from the airport to spend the last day of my trip. Galle was perfect as it was just around 3 hours away from the airport. During the last 5 days of my trip, Sri Lanka had overwhelmed me, but I was pleasantly shocked that she was saving the best for the last in the form of Galle fort.  Galle fort, a UNESCO world heritage site, is a fortified city built by the Portuguese and then expanded by the Dutch. The buildings inside the fort were severely damaged during the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami. The efforts made to rebuild the heritage are indeed…

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