Why I hate my customers…

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I don’t always hate my customers but sometimes they just make it so easy and I just can’t help myself. It seems that people just try to be stupid. They want me to be upset with them. Most people who contact me, do need help and the problem is easy to solve. I do school photography; I don’t sell rocket boosters for NASA. It’s pretty easy.

However, the other day, someone emailed me about my school retake policy. They asked “Do I have to pay for retakes?”
Gee, maybe if you actually read the Retake Policy (that is right in front of you, you know, the one you are holding in your hand), then you would know the answer. It is right there, in black and white, clearly printed in easy to read text that says “Retake Policy”. What does it say? It says all retakes are NO CHARGE. It…

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By the Mighty Mumford

God is Love; God is Great

(Inspired by Psalm 36:7 & 1 John 4:8 & Ecclesiastes 9:1 & Psalm 70:4)


O Lord, my God, how precious is your love,

Steadfast and true poured out from above.

As the world attacks and your enemies cuss,

Your children take refuge in your promise.

Those who don’t show love don’t reflect you.

You God are love; my heart knows it’s true.

The fears and concerns, fills our world today;

Let us turn to your word and find what you say.

This lays on my heart, its grip is like a vice;

In prayer and meditation I seek your advice.

They do not know whether to love or to hate;

They do not understand you hold their fate.

May all who seek your love rejoice in you;

And may your loving children be found true.

Trust in God, He’s…

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Mytwosentences 120



After assuring his granddaughter that cooties didn’t live there, he securely held her angelic hand and took one step toward the modest warehouse where decades earlier he and his meant-to-be experienced the miracle of love at first sight.
As the grip of his trembling hand tightened and tears found furrows down his face, he was overcome by the devastating memory of that last magical twinkle before the essence of his existence was unexpectedly taken from him.
(Photo: Edward Roads)

Written by Edward Roads

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Native land


After a discussion at a lovely park today got me thinking and pondering further about ‘Aboriginals in Australia and the social discord’. These are purely my thoughts. Not based on any facts or and with no expertise in the field. Also not here to offend, this is a tricky issue. I am just pondering out loud. feel free to comment below. Enjoy! 🙂


when I hear ‘why don’t they fit in yet’. It makes me think, how much about Native Australian foods, language, laws, systems and culture to I know? and my answer is always not much. So it then becomes apparent how much native Australians have integrated into white culture compared to me into there culture. I feel I have a lot to learn.

Out of context

Lifestyles, keeping tradition, this is a simple way of living native Australians have lived for 2,000 year I think?If I remember my high school history book correctly…

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The Falling Thoughts


The Moonlight travels to the earth

To kiss your soft cheeks and be felt by you

Red roses become wet and more red

when they get close and kissed by you

A firefly asks for direction when he loses his way

The honey bee always wants to sit on you

The fragrance of your body is so magical

Anyone can turn into stone if they’re touched by you

Birds are whispering all over the world

The colours belong to us but God gave them to you

Your eyes are like two stars

I saw the sun drowning in you

Everyone tries to wear that dress,

The dress, which is worn by you 

If you ever talk to some random guy

He gets popular from being noticed by you

You’ve always wanted to be loved

So finally God gave Yaz to you 😘


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