Native land


After a discussion at a lovely park today got me thinking and pondering further about ‘Aboriginals in Australia and the social discord’. These are purely my thoughts. Not based on any facts or and with no expertise in the field. Also not here to offend, this is a tricky issue. I am just pondering out loud. feel free to comment below. Enjoy! 🙂


when I hear ‘why don’t they fit in yet’. It makes me think, how much about Native Australian foods, language, laws, systems and culture to I know? and my answer is always not much. So it then becomes apparent how much native Australians have integrated into white culture compared to me into there culture. I feel I have a lot to learn.

Out of context

Lifestyles, keeping tradition, this is a simple way of living native Australians have lived for 2,000 year I think?If I remember my high school history book correctly…

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