The red brothel

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Someone parted the faux crystal curtain dividing the room from the main corridor. Rita looks up to find the same man who visited her home one week ago. He reeked of alcohol and that awful scent always made her younger sister cringe.  “Come on, move to the kitchen area ” Rita quickly but subtly nudged her sister Rosy. He was slightly unsteady and his blood-shot eyes scanned the young girls as they hurried off from the small sofa in the messy place. Although their mother is a sex worker, she doesn’t want her two children to be doing this. “I can’t wait to get a job, I will support my mother and sister ” Rita mumbled to herself who was scarred from the past. Just then their mother walked out from the room and ushered him to the single room in tiny rented space. It’s not uncommon for children to be…

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Mytwosentences 72



Snugly bundled up under a stainless star filled sky, they slowly walked side by side consumed in conversation that allowed them to subtly taste the sweetness of each others clearly visible breath.
They didn’t remember where they came from or even where they were going, but when a moment of enchantment presented itself he removed his glove and gently held her hand, which not only warmed his heart, but also hers.
(Photo: Edward Roads)

Written by Edward Roads

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Thanks x Two


On a recent evening commute, a woman boarded the bus and rushed towards me. Rather than sit, she seemed to fall into the empty seat beside mine, a mound of heavy coat, thick scarf, and several bags. She wedged a bag between her feet and dug through her purse producing a pen and ragged notepad. Flipping frantically through its frayed pages, she peered at me over glasses perched on the tip of her nose.

“I have to make a list of things I’m thankful for.” she said with irritation.

I didn’t ask why, but glanced at her notepad. She was grateful for some important things, with “health” and “job” written so far on her list. She saw me looking.

“I need ideas. What are you thankful for?” She sounded aggravated.

I thought back to when my daughter was small. I told the woman how my daughter’s eyes lit up when we…

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Canadian Pacific considering takeover of Norfolk Southern


Canadian Pacific Railway Ltd. is mulling a potential takeover of Norfolk Southern Corp., national news media reported yesterday.

The Canadian Class I is raising financing and has held “early-stage merger talks” with NS, according to BloombergBusiness.

Trading of NS stock was temporarily halted yesterday after the news broke. By day’s end, NS shares rose 11 percent on the reports, according to Zacks.

Talk of an NS merger revives CP’s efforts to build a transcontinental carrier, after talks with CSX Corp. failed last year.

In response to the rumors about talks with NS, CP issued a statement saying “that there is no material news pending at this time. CP does not comment on market rumor and speculation.”

NS spokespersons also have declined to comment, according to news reports.

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