HOW RICH I AM, by Carl Gooch

By the Mighty Mumford

How Rich I am

Rejoice, O my soul, Rejoice.

Let my lips His praise give voice.

Unceasing each breath a prayer;

For the love of my Lord is there.

I can in give thanks in all things;

It is the Lord who in my life reigns.

I meditate on His word night and day,

I know with me He will always stay.

Calm comes as I draw near to Him;

The noise of this world grows dim.

I come to Him and hardly confess,

Of all the things I did transgress.

He knows my heart and forgives;

Reminding me of the mercy He gives.

Although a sinner from birth I be,

With love He paid the price for me.

Rejoice, for my soul can not contain,

I overflow with joy I can not refrain.

To this world I may seem a poor man;

They do…

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