Power Plant Trip Leads to Game of Frogger

Power Plant Men

Some days when everything seems to be going just right, some little thing comes along that throws a wrench into the end of a perfect day. That’s what happened to the husband of the timekeeper at the coal-fired Power Plant in North Central Oklahoma. Vance Shiever had spent the day baling hay into large bails in a pasture outside Morrison Oklahoma. All day while he worked, off in the distance he could see the plant where his wife Linda spent her week days.

Linda Shiever Linda Shiever

Linda Shiever was one of the first two employees hired at the Coal-fired plant along with Sonny Karcher.  She was hired on May 30, 1978, just 10 days after her marriage to Vance.  During the 20 years I worked at the Power Plant, I heard Linda talk about Vance often.  So, when Ray Eberle began telling me a story about him, I already had a…

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An Atheist & A Muslim../…Bir Ateist & Bir Müslüman…



Atheist: Can your Lord fit the entire universe in to an egg without making the egg any bigger and the universe any smaller?

Imam Jafar Sadiq : I would like you to look at the sky, and at that bird in the sky, and at that tree, and at all those people who have gathered around us and now look at me.

Atheist: I see them all.

Imam Jafar Sadiq : If Allah can fit all of those things inside the tiny pupil of your eye, do you think that he cannot fit the universe into an egg?”

SEM 15

Ateist: Senin ilahın yumurtayı daha büyük, evreni de daha küçük yapmaksızın, tüm evreni bir yumurtaya sığdırabilir mi? .

İmâm Câʿfer es-Sâdık: Senden gökyüzüne bakmanı istiyorum ve havadaki şu kuşa ve şu ağaca ve çevremizde toplanan tüm bu insanlara ve şimdi bana bak

Ateist: Onların hepsini görüyorum.

İmâm Câʿfer es-Sâdık: Eğer Allah tüm…

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