IQRA: How Muslims addressed this call

Shake Your Conscience !


Iqra: How Muslims Addressed this Call

“IQRA” is the first word of the first revelation of Islam to Prophet Mohammad, an Arabic word which literally means: “Read”. Muslims since then have tried to do justice to this call for knowledge and learning by setting up an elaborate system of education and learning all through the Islamic world and all through the Islamic history. The importance and high value that Islam accords to education became evident since the very beginning as the very first prisoners of war captured by Muslims in the battle of Badr, the first battle of Islam with the non-believers, who were unable to pay the prize that they were required to pay in order to earn their freedom were asked to teach the art of reading and writing to the illiterate Muslims in exchange of that prize. It is obvious that the pagan prisoners were not supposed…

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Drunk Driving in the 19th Century (Snippets 43)

Windows into History

coach “Four in Hand” by Thomas Eakins (1880)

In the first ever ‘Snippets’ article on Windows into History, Lovely View, Shame About the Corpse I included a quote from the first volume of The Autobiography of a Stage-Coachman, by Thomas Cross, published in three volumes by Hurst and Blackett in 1861, and I promised to return to the same series of books in a future Snippet.  It has taken a while (there are so many interesting ‘forgotten’ books to explore!) but the following quote is taken from the second volume of the same work, and describes an incident of drunk driving on the part of the writer.

Flattered at having made a favourable impression, I failed to perceive that the good old port, of which the host was by no means sparing, was likely to make an impression on me. Wishing, as I supposed, to mark the favour I had…

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Just isn’t the same

The Journey of My Left Foot (whilst remembering my son)


Thursday 29th October

The sun did shine today.
The sky was a beautiful blue.
But it’s just not the same
Being here without you.

Tourists playing on the beach.
Children splashing in the sea.
But it’s just not the same.
For you’re not here with me.

Flags flying in the breeze.
Dogs digging in the sand.
But it’s just not the same.
I can no longer hold your hand.

Seagulls flying above the waves.
Dolphins swimming below.
But it’s just not the same.
Quite simply, I miss you so.

Love you my darling.
Thinking of you.
Forever on my mind.
And in my heart, too.

Dearest Angel.






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Truth for Today: Dear God


Dear God

Thank you for NEVER leaving me even when you were silent you were present. You love me not because anyone forced you to but because you chose me. You chose me to be your precious child and I am so grateful. I am so GRATEFUL that your goodness doesn’t depend on my situation or what I’ve done. Thank you for being good regardless of the circumstances. Lord I just want to thank you for loving me! Loving me so unconditionally that its overwhelming. Its an amazingly overwhelming feeling to know that even if I were the ONLY person on earth that you would’ve STILL sent your son to die for me.


Your grateful chosen child



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