Dead Friends

DoubleU = W

the dead are among my friends

I speak to them daily

they reveal nothing

of what is to come

but they tell me how nice

it will be to have me among them


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Day 1059: Awesome Sauce

The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally

Yesterday, during group therapy, somebody said

Awesome Sauce

to express positive feelings.

Awesome Sauce

quickly went viral within the group.  Every time somebody said

Awesome Sauce

people felt better.


Awesome Sauce

to me, how two little words can cheer up an entire room.

Throughout the day, I took these awesome sauce pictures.

In case you’re wondering, the awesome sauce on that swordfish is made with mustard, horseradish, and cranberries.

Awesome sauce!!

After I publish this awesome sauce post, I’m doing some awesome sauce work and then I’m seeing an awesome sauce play with some awesome sauce people (one of whom made the awesome sauce in that last picture).

Awesome Sauce!

What makes you say “Awesome Sauce”?  What simple words or action do you think might cheer up an entire room?

Thanks to everybody who said “Awesome Sauce” yesterday and thanks to you — of course! — for being so…

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Tell Me What You Want on OA!

Ordinary Adventures

As part as of yet another effort, idea, and renewal here on Ordinary Adventures, I have a question for you all. I would love to hear from YOUwhat path you guys want me to take of my next “reboot” for my blog. I feel another wave of inspiration and plans for both OA and for my life. The new year is creeping up, my life is taking another big, big change (grad school), and the gears are turning. Lists are being made, drafts are being created, ideas are being written down, countdowns are being timed, and I’m getting excited. And so, I want to know what you all are thinking, and what you are anticipating and wanting to see when you click on my blog. I want this for advice, but I also want to hear from my readers what they are looking forward to.


Do you guys…

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Pre-Grad School Bucket List

Ordinary Adventures

Two months. Actually, I have lessthan two months before I start going to grad school full time while also working at my full time job. 50 days to be exact. So, I have just over a month until I throw myself into a never ending stream of running around, writing papers, and feeling like I’m drowning.Not to mention hopefully blogging, working out, keeping up with my hygiene, eating, breathing, etc. I figured with all of that looming and my nerves being set on maximum, I should create a bucket list of things to do before January 19. If not, I’ll spend the next 50 days biting my nails, freaking out, and not enjoying my last days being relatively stress free.

d7blprdBlog education.
Over the past few months, I have collected a large amount of blog literature and classes. I’ve been meaning to read them, watch them, and ultimately…

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