10 Best Lines Steve Jobs Used in a Presentation


Apple’s iconic co-founder had an unmatched talent for zeroing on what’s most important.

There was only one Steve Jobs, and it’s easy to see why we’re so fascinated with him. A twin separated at birth; a visionary who made products that changed how we use technology; a college dropout who studied coding and calligraphy for fun; a wisdom seeker who spent months wandering India barefoot in a sarong. Oh, and after a long flirtation with sweater vests and bow ties, a man who wore a black turtleneck and blue jeans everywhere he went.

As if that weren’t enough, Jobs was also a master salesman and a fantastic orator, and much of what he had to say carried astonishing wisdom, especially coming from someone who devoted his life to creating consumer electronics products. Of course, that’s the point. Apple is much more than just a remarkably successful manufacturer of electronic devices, and Jobs was…

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