The Raven's Nest

For all the ones who want to know what I call a tree-book in some of my posts…

I am no botanist but I do create names and it pleases me.


“…Next to them was a tree but it wasn’t an ordinary tree, the bark was pealing in thin slices of parchment…

This was something he remembered from his childhood tales: a famous Tree-book!

Treebook had lots of power and could consume men or women feelings and life if they didn’t pay attention. It was the ultimate seduction after the voice, the escape of a life time that not many could resist it. It could send the young at war, destroy families and pulverized the will of the strongest. It could almost justify everything and appeared to be wise to innocents souls.

On one of the tallest branch was sitting a sad eye owl. Teehee felt powerless in front of so much…

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Picking the Best of Ordinary Adventures [Poll]

Ordinary Adventures

I have some exciting news! On top of applying to grad school, trying to pump out new content here, working, experimenting with new hobbies, and going through tons of paper work for my provisional licensure, I have decided to add more to my plate. But this is completely worth the added stress. I have come across an amazing opportunity. I have found an opening for a guest blogging, paid position, and I want it. Desperately. It’s probably more than a one and in a million chance (literally) that I will be chosen for the job, but that won’t stop me from applying. I’d rather fail than not try, especially with this one.

For the application, I have to send in three blog posts to kind of sum up my writing, photography skills, and who I am as a blogger. And here’s where you guys come in!

I would be forever grateful…

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