Spread love not hate

Pain is subjective, So is tolerance 

A sorry isn’t a magic potion,

to heal the broken promises 

Is it fair to ask for forgiveness always

Once can be a mistake

Twice is a warning

Anything more, is pure complacency 

As much as I try to forgive you again

my soul feels displaced 

You come back as though nothing happened

But I can’t continue the facade

why you may wonder

Learn that  you can’t fill a blank space

It’s becomes eternity of black hole

A vacuum you created where,

what remains is just void space

I don’t feel the same anymore

Why you may ask

Because of you, I would say

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Happy Deepavali | 2015

Spread love not hate

Hello my beautiful friends,

I have been quite quiet this week as so much time went into preparing festival of lights! So i decided to share some good energy and lovely pictures to my wordpress peeps! Deepavali is derived from Sanskrit language which loosely translates to series of lights. Deepavali is celebrated by Hindus, Jains, and Sikhs and some Buddhist citing various historical events pining on the date. However,they all have something in common which is to symbolize the “victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, good over evil, hope over despair.”

There are many versions across India. But in TamilNadu (where my ancestors hail from ), it is said to be the day Lord Krishna defeats Narakasura (demon) that was tormenting the people on earth. The day where their many years of misery is finally lifted and became deepavali , a celebration with lights, firecrackers and sweets !

So it…

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Fate is written-Add meaning to your life

Words dipped in Happiness

All the problems in this world just exist in the minds of people, in real they are just challenges having fun.

If life is all about happiness, then what’s the need to live? If we are completely perfect then what’s the use of life? If we live just for the sake of living, what’s the need of death? What are you waiting for? What is stopping you? Is it memory of yesterday? Is it fear of tomorrow? Or is it situation of today? What? They all are testing you to check whether you belong to the place for which you are sent here! They all are obstacles, to be precise, the fog in your path. They don’t have any existence of their own. They feed upon your worries and scare you. Stop. Stop thinking about things that didn’t go in your way. Give a break to your worries. Breath.


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