Stardust (2007)


A star shines as it serves its purpose like Love; don’t ever let it fade away!


Paramount Pictures in association with di Bonaventura Pictures, Marv Films and Ingenious Film Partners present…

Stardust was Neil Gaiman’s one of many contributions in his great stories through DC Comics! Published in February 1, 1999 (the collected novel) with Illustrator Charles Vess, it was Awarded for Comic’ Buyer’s Guide for Favorite Limited Series in the same year, he also brought us the other epic comic books such as “Sandman”, “The Dream Hunters” and earlier works from “Marvelman”.

Filled with magic and lore, the story originated from a simple town called Wall just at the edge of the Kingdom of Stormhold where Dunstan, actor Ben Barnes (Chronicles of Narnia) inspires the hard headed young man in his hope to explore the outside world as it becomes happenstance but after a long 18 year period, it…

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