South Sea Scouts

Pacific Paratrooper

The Ol' Officer's Mess The Ol’ Officer’s Mess

This is basically a follow-up to the post, Fiji Guerrillas, which can be reviewed first if you so desire.

At the end of 1942, the Americans on Guadalcanal had requested more Fiji guerrilla troops and this was met by the dispatch of 2 further units – 1 Commando Fiji Guerrillas and 1 Battalion Fiji Brigade Group.  Both of these landed on 19 April 1943.  Commanded by C.W.H. Tripp, they would now be labeled the South Sea Scouts, made up of 39 New Zealand officers and NCO’s from the Southern and Eastern Independent Commandos and 135 Fijians from the same units.

28 Tongans, under Lt. B. Masefield, increased the strength of Tripp’s unit to 203 before it went into action on New Georgia.  During this time, 200 Solomon Islanders were absorbed into the unit and changes were made in the organization.  Each platoon became a patrol…

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