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I may have had to live, love, lose, and fall. But, I’ve also learned how to get back up. And then, I learned how to teach others to do the same.” – Yasmin Mogahed




“We need to fall so we can make a distinction about what really matters, and who really matters, who will be there when you fall and offer a hand to pick you back up…
Now I know why fall is beautiful; although the leaves are dying, they know this is not the end.
A season will come when they will be reborn, stronger, richer and more beautiful. Stars are born from a great explosion.
Know this is not the end.
This is your rebirth.”

– M.B.


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A Little Christmas

A Study in Equinoxes

When the bell rang  on the last day before winter break all the children stampeded towards the bus and car loops. Well, all but Randy.
She dragged her feet down the main hall and when she reached the end, she braced herself for the cutting wind.
Randy hated the cold. She huffed and her breath swirled away in a cloud.
Small white flakes drifted on the wind, some of the children stuck out their tongue to catch the snow.Randy pulled her ratty coat closer and trudged faster.She hated snow.
On and on she walked, the dead grass slowly giving way to a carpet of white. She slowed down when she got to her street.
“Merry Christmas Randy!” Mr Gentry said as she passed by.
She mumbled in reply and waved.
She HATED Christmas. As she opened the door, she remembered why. The corner closest to the tv was chock full…

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Power Plant Summer Help Sanity Check

Power Plant Men

Originally Posted December 7, 2012:

What happens to a million dollar forest when left to the fate of two Power Plant Summer Help?  I can tell you; the result is not good.  Before I explain this statement, let me introduce some summer help to you so that you will have a deeper understanding of my summer help career.  It spanned 4 summers for a total of 12 months.

I would like to start out by saying that there were a few summer help that I thought were very intelligent and goodhearted people.  A dear friend of mine named Tim Flowers, who was a friend that I met while attending Oklahoma University my first year in school, was one of the smartest people you might run across in your lifetime.  He was also a very hard worker who didn’t mind putting his entire effort into his work.

Blake Tucker from Pawnee…

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