Portrait Experiments // August.

Ordinary Adventures

Yesterday I got the huge honor of an impromptu, miniature photo shoot with my cousin, Grace. I will always jump at any chance to photograph a willing model, especially this gorgeous gal! It was so fun practicing certain skills and trying out experiments and learning new techniques with my camera. It was even a blast to play with the edits and create an entirely new piece of art. All in all, it’s so exciting to push my self in my hobbies and try out some new ideas and challenges.

I’m in love with how these came out, so much so that I couldn’t pick just a few to share! Hope you all enjoy this teeny album as much as I do.

— Brey

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Last Days as a Power Plant Labor Crew Hand

Power Plant Men

Originally posted December 14, 2012:

I have heard the relationship between Bill Rivers and Sonny Kendrick referred to as the “Punch and Judy Show”. Ok. I thought. Punch and Judy. Sounds like a show from the early 50’s. Must have been a comedy. I thought that for a long time until one day I ran across a brief history of the Punch and Judy Show. It turned out that Punch and Judy was a puppet show from the time of Queen Anne of England. She was queen of England from 1702 to 1714. I could only find a painting of Queen Anne. Didn’t anyone ever think about taking her photograph?

Queen Anne of England Queen Anne of England

Anyway, once I learned more about Punch and Judy, I realized that this was probably a better description of the Rivers – Sonny relationship than those people realized. It turns out in the first version of…

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The 10 People You Encounter During The Holidays

tonysbologna : Honest. Satirical. Observations

The Holidays are a special time full of yuletide joy, ugly sweater Christmas parties and goodwill. This is a guide describing the 10 people you’ll inevitably encounter during the Holidays. Enjoy.

The Best Gift Giver.

Straight up, this person has their shit together. They crept on your instagram, spent thankless nights reading your tweets and even have a bubble gum statue of you. I’m sorry, I think I’m talking about future serial killer, Helga G Pataki. In all seriousness, these people are awesome. They take the time to give you a gift of value and really go the extra mile to make it as special as each individual snowflake. It warms my heart simply thinking of these people.


The International Bad Gift Giver.


This person is a bastard but gosh darn’ it, they’re the best damn cop on the force! Sometimes their gifts are even funny. This person…

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Relocating myself


I wanted to share this topic for a very long time even longer than MiddleMe was set up because I had so many people asking me why I chose to move away when I have everything. To give you the context: I was doing extremely well at work, I have a fantastic team who loves me and the feeling is mutual, I have a great bunch of friends and loved ones back home. I’m in a safe country with great career opportunities and growth and I’ll doing pretty well for myself among my peers. I’m staying with my family with all my bills, my housework and my meals all taken care of.

I had it all, so why do I move away?

When an opportunity opens itself to me to move to a strange new country, the adventurous side of me couldn’t refuse. I want to push myself to…

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