By the Mighty Mumford


Gift-giving tradition thrives

At Christmas despite the lies…

We tell kids

With purchases hid,

To keep away prying eyes!

The struggle has always been there,

Since Constantine made Christians share

Mid-winter revelry

With lights folks could see,

I n the darkest time of the year!

Set yourselves apart,

Observe Christ’s loving heart….

Perhaps some see

God’s love in thee,

Like Christ came as a baby at the start.

–Jonathan Caswell

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Passed By

DoubleU = W

something just passed by

flown high overhead

making a second pass

downward then high

into the heights unseen

a dark, cryptic force

left a stain on my eyes

cast shadows on my mind

though unknown, I fear

what it might foreshadow

and adjure it to never return

though I’m confident it will


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Study Abroad: My 10 reasons why to study in a foreign country

Wanderlust: Becoming a Traveler

In 2012, I undertook my first abroad relocation as part of my studies to London, England. There’s no doubt that this was one of the best decisions, I’ve ever made. By leaving Denmark and adapting to the English culture, I learned so much more than I thought possible – both academically and personally. At the same time, I got to follow my childhood dream as an aspiring traveler to travel and acquire insight into and understanding for foreign cultures. Considering this adventure, I can’t find reasons not to leave comfort zones and take a leap of faith. As a result, I wanted to discuss this on my blog. As such, I present you with ten reasons why to study in a foreign country in the following paragraphs.

1)You have the possibility to study courses not available at your home university
You can choose any university in whatever country…

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Travel Tip: Dig into the foreign culture

Wanderlust: Becoming a Traveler

As I’ve touched upon in previous posts, I find it highly important to be open-minded and acquire insight into and understanding for foreign cultures in general and, especially, on travels. For my own sakes, I find it important to get involved in the foreign culture on my travels in order to, simply, acquire perspective on the foreign culture in question as well as my native culture.


Some ways in which I make sure to get involved in the foreign culture is to not only meet people from the culture, however, also by exploring its history and culture. As such, I quite enjoy the typical tourist attractions such visiting museums and attractions. However, also just walking around the different neighbourhoods trying various food, exploring street art and talking to people in the streets of these areas are great ways to acquire some insight into a foreign culture. If I spend a…

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Kill your darlings!

World of Horror


When writing a series (or even just a really long novel), at some point, the characters become known, their dynamics set, and readers can almost guess how characters will feel about a given plot twist before it happens. Fans go beyond love for characters and form deep connections… and expectations.

Some readers love to simply love their characters and enjoy their next adventure. But don’t discount the fun of “killing your darlings” to shake things up.


“Kill your darlings, kill your darlings, even when it breaks your egocentric little scribbler’s heart, kill your darlings.” —Stephen King

Yes, that’s right, kill them. Both Joss Whedon and George R. R. Martin have reputations for breaking their fans’ hearts by killing off key characters who should have been “safe.” But while fans are heartbroken, they also can’t seem to look away at the train wreck that ensues after these tragedies.

And your stories…

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