Thirst (2009)


Love does not condone nor condemn our thirsts’ but rather it is how we quench it for our own redemption!


Universal Pictures in association with Moho Films, CJ Entertainment and Focus Features present…

Based on Emile Zola’s novel Therese Raquin, a tale that has been told a thousand times over but with the subtlety, simplicity and yet nothing pleases the voracious lust for blood and flesh!

A man of God learning and yearning to discover a cure for the patients’ seemingly incurable disease, wants to be a part of an experiment that will either leave him dead or forever walk in the land of the living! He volunteered for this missionary work that will make him as one with the community of Lepers. Unknowingly, he doesn’t realize the horror this will bring upon him! As months passed by, his condition worsened and on a fateful day he was declared dead…

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