New Orleans Holiday Festivities at ‘Celebration in the Oaks’


‘Celebration in the Oaks’, is one of traditions during Christmas in this city of Mardi Gras. And we were there to experience the holiday festivities.

‘Is this the line for Tickets’, we asked.

‘Yes’, was the reply.

Got in the line around five and it was long considering that we were there almost an hour before the park opens. Though it was tiring to stand for so long, once the tickets counter opened, it moved quickly and we were in by six.

This holiday light wonderland opens at six in the evening and we were excited to see all the beautiful displays. A snow igloo with Penguins, peacocks with their colorful wings, a rocking pony and a brightly lit drum – greeted us outside the entertainment tent. It was all shiny & vibrant and before starting the tour, we decided to fuel up with coffee and cookies from the food shack.

20151212_175717-002 Snow Igloo & Penguins

Peacocks Peacocks

Began with the giant Poinsettia Tree in…

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Blog Stalking // A Girl, Obsessed.

Ordinary Adventures

I love telling you all about new blogs and things that inspire me. But I’ve been keeping one amazing, hidden gem from you guys for quite some time now. I first found Mandy and her blog, A Girl, Obsessedabout the same time I started Ordinary Adventures. I originally was googling blog post ideas and came upon her treasure trove of articles. Even though Mandy focuses mainly on beauty products, she shares tons of blogging advice and ideas as well. I love her personal entires, her tips, and her fun posts about whatever she’s currently into. Pretty much everything she talks about interests me in some way. This26 year old blogger, writer, video game player, makeup lover, and soon to be author is right behind A Beautiful Mess, as my second favorite and most visited blog out there.

I want to talk a little bit more about her lifestyle type…

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Mince Pies, Plum Pudding and Bustards (Christmas History 21)

Windows into History

bustard A drawing of a bustard by Harrison Weir.

A travel journal was published in 1910, titled Winter Wanderings, by A. Per Lee Pease, M.D.  This was Dr Abraham PerLee Pease (1847-1926), son of Anson Pease and Eliza Pease (nee PerLee).  The volume collects his articles in The Pittsburgh Dispatch, in which he documented his world travels over the course of four consecutive winters.  The book also includes a previously unpublished account of a visit to Abyssinia (now Ethiopia), where he managed to have quite a traditional Christmas dinner, against the odds.

On Christmas Day the Emperor remembered our President and us handsomely, although the Abyssinian celebration of that anniversary occurs something like two weeks later. He sent for President Roosevelt two enormous elephant tusks, each 9 feet long and weighing together over 300 pounds, also two young lions, with attendants to accompany them to the coast. For Mr…

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Starts With an Idea

Barataria - The work of Erik Hare

When Martin Shkreli was arrested the internet erupted with a dark sense of joy. Finally, the most hated pharmaceutical and finance guy in America was going to get justice – if not for raising the price of drugs 5,000% but for an unrelated ponzi scam.

This came up during People’s Economics, the discussion groups which represented a kind of “Barataria Live”. Our section on High Finance asserted that the complex and overlarge finance system inherently encourages this kind of bad behavior, which is to say that any regulation or law you might write is irrelevant compared to the kind of damage guys like Shkreli can do before they are caught.

Two interesting thoughts came out of this and subsequent discussions which provide logical ways for us to get past this problem and move to a better future. And there may be more.

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Bloglovin’ // Ordinary Adventures

Ordinary Adventures

I want to talk to you guys about Bloglovin’. I am actually only a recent userof this amazing bloggingcontrivance. I can’t even remember exactly how I stumbled across it, but it has been life changing. Imagine a beautifully crafted, easy to navigate, fun to browse, RSS feed of all your favorite blogs, all in one place. And that’s just the beginning of what it could do. Well, stop imagining and go look up Bloglovin’.

You can follow Ordinary Adventures on Bloglovin’ and always stay up to date on all my posts. You can also view similar blogs, if you’re just dying for more. I know I have found countless gorgeous blogs through this application. Not only by using this on some of my favorite blogs to discover more of the same, but also by doing this with my own page! These blogs (and myself) may not have 450k followers…

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