Day 1084: No judgment

The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally

“No judgment” is …

  • a goal of this almost-three-year-old daily blog,
  • something people say a lot in my therapy groups,
  • a state of mind very difficult to maintain,
  • particularly important during times of new challenges and transition,
  • hereby making its first appearance as a post title, and
  • two words I saw in a store, last night.


Do you agree that “No judgment” should be the only one real rule to any game? What’s your judgment about that? Is having no judgment even a possibility for us human beings?  Is it something we should strive for?

Would you have no judgment if I asked you to judge the photos in this allegedly no-judgment post?

Personally, as the end of 2015 approaches, I would like to strive for no judgment about:

  • what I have or have not done in the past,
  • my capabilities, as I try my best in many different…

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Goats and monkeys!

Making memories


Flu hit me Monday. I almost have no memory of the first two days, just some strange dreams and random, chaotic thoughts. Thursday my head cleared up a bit so that I could think about my next blog post making notes on a piece of paper ( I was too weak to open my laptop). The misery of my condition couldn’t produce anything cheerful, and somehow I started thinking about all the innocent creatures of this world who’ve got to suffer for nothing.  Goats came to mind.

My first image was  taken on a bright summer morning during Waterford Hot Air Ballooning Championship . I got a few good shots at the take off in the grounds of Waterford Castle, and was on my road to Passage East where I expected to take a ferry and cross to Co Wexford.  I was almost there when the events took a rather surreal turn and the scene changed to…

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Dreamspinner Extraordinaire

You wake up at sunrise to say goodnight
Just before I yield to the call of dreams
But sleep has been evading me for days
I want your arms around me, strong and warm
Without them, cold seeps through my bones
I’m left trembling between the sheets of silk
I want to hold your hand in the dark
While you tell me your hopes and your fears
And I want to assure you that all tomorrows
May not be how we imagine them to be
But we can make this night our very own
I want to curse the ocean that separates us
But what good will curses do?
It will not make me stop missing you.

I wrote this last September when the mood to write kicked in. I wrote dozens but I was careful not to show them to anyone because some felt so raw and others bland…

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Christmas Present Guide: What every traveler ’needs’

Wanderlust: Becoming a Traveler

Presents for traveler

Except for an actual trip, there are certain things you always ’need’ (or want, really) as a traveler. For me, some ideal presents would be:

  1. Travel guide books for upcoming travel adventures. For example this book which I was given last Christmas from a dear friend
  1. Biographies and/or travel books written by well-known travelers
  1. Travel notebooks to write travel experiences in. This could be a notebook with plane white pages or a book similar to this one that I was given last month at my birthday from a treasured friend
  1. Travel planner including budgeting, transportation times, hostels etc.
  1. Travel wallet for passport, tickets, travel documents and local currency similar to this one
  1. Passport holder
  1. Luggage
  1. Luggage tag
  1. Lugage scale
  1. Travel tech organiser with room for all the essential gadgets similar to this one
  1. Small bottles of hand soap, shampoo, conditioner and lotion as well as small tubes of toothpaste
  1. Good…

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York England

Planning to the Nth

I’d often been told I should go to York and so, in England’s autumn of 2011, I boarded a train at Manchester and headed north.

York has had many incarnations since the Romans left in A.D.400:  Anglo Saxon, Viking, Norman, led by William the Conquerer, and the Tudors. Wars have come and gone, and bust times and booms. In the 1970s and 80s, industrial unrest and strikes swept the country and manufacturing went into decline. It was then that York realised its greatest asset was its history and the tourism it could bring.

I stowed my bags at my extremely tasteful accommodation and strolled down the street known just as Bootham, towards Bootham Bar, one of the four gateways into the old city.


Extremely tasteful accommodation Extremely tasteful accommodation

There were, originally, four main gates or ‘bars’: Bootham, Monk, Walgate and Micklegate, six secondary gates and 44 intermediate towers. The defensive perimeter stretched…

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