Christmas Present Guide: What every traveler ’needs’

Wanderlust: Becoming a Traveler

Presents for traveler

Except for an actual trip, there are certain things you always ’need’ (or want, really) as a traveler. For me, some ideal presents would be:

  1. Travel guide books for upcoming travel adventures. For example this book which I was given last Christmas from a dear friend
  1. Biographies and/or travel books written by well-known travelers
  1. Travel notebooks to write travel experiences in. This could be a notebook with plane white pages or a book similar to this one that I was given last month at my birthday from a treasured friend
  1. Travel planner including budgeting, transportation times, hostels etc.
  1. Travel wallet for passport, tickets, travel documents and local currency similar to this one
  1. Passport holder
  1. Luggage
  1. Luggage tag
  1. Lugage scale
  1. Travel tech organiser with room for all the essential gadgets similar to this one
  1. Small bottles of hand soap, shampoo, conditioner and lotion as well as small tubes of toothpaste
  1. Good…

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