York England

Planning to the Nth

I’d often been told I should go to York and so, in England’s autumn of 2011, I boarded a train at Manchester and headed north.

York has had many incarnations since the Romans left in A.D.400:  Anglo Saxon, Viking, Norman, led by William the Conquerer, and the Tudors. Wars have come and gone, and bust times and booms. In the 1970s and 80s, industrial unrest and strikes swept the country and manufacturing went into decline. It was then that York realised its greatest asset was its history and the tourism it could bring.

I stowed my bags at my extremely tasteful accommodation and strolled down the street known just as Bootham, towards Bootham Bar, one of the four gateways into the old city.


Extremely tasteful accommodation Extremely tasteful accommodation

There were, originally, four main gates or ‘bars’: Bootham, Monk, Walgate and Micklegate, six secondary gates and 44 intermediate towers. The defensive perimeter stretched…

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