Colour of life

Perspectives on Life, the Universe and Everything

Paint, who wants to paint
When life throws its colour
All you do is look and wonder
Just surrender
to its majestic views
Capturing the beauty, the colour
the contrast, master strokes,
the whole book of art
In one simple shot!

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How Much Propaganda Does The Government Dump On Us?

The Arts Mechanical

A lot more than we think. Listening to the radio every day there are a constant stream of Ad Council ads that are just plain Government propaganda, to say nothing about the ones that come directly from Government agencies directly.  In a way this stuff is useful because it tells us what the government is concerned about that we are doing and not doing.  For instance all those ads to “feed the pig” are just telling us that the savings rate in the US is too low and the government isn’t getting the taxes from  people saving their money.  We aren’t “feeding the pig.” Of course the government could cut taxes on savings, but they would never do that.

Then there’s the more subtle forms of propaganda, like this.  For whatever reason many people seem perfectly fine with passing the government’s crap as if it’s their own, parroting it word…

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Character Spotlight – Seth Cohen


Seth Cohen played by Adam Brody from the show The O.C, is one memorable character.  Seth is one sarcastic fuck, he’s that lame guy in school that you think is weird but when you finally get to know him, you instantly love him.

He’s tries to find humor in every situation, and  he always has a positive attitude. He proves to be a sweet and genuine guy with good intentions and a good heart, and this is often overlooked by others.

Seth is a very bubbly character, that’s nerdy and is socially awkward but is a real good friend.

Below is a video clip of one of Seth Cohen’s funny moment.

The OC, is streaming now on the CW. All Four seasons, and a whole lot of Seth Cohen.

And just a little side-note. Blair Waldorf and Seth Cohen are married in real-life. Isn’t that cute, the CW show cross…

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The Inner/Outer Writing Paradox (Or, From an Old Oak Desk in New England)


Where is your special place, the place where you block out the clutter and noise and distractions, and let your creative energy flow?

Mine is an old oak desk that my father used to use when he was a student in school, decades ago.  It’s solid, heavy, and not designed for the accoutrements of 21st-century digital technology.  But it’s my little oasis to think and dream and create.


My father actually passed the desk on to me while I was still living with my parents, a high school student with my eyes peeled toward the future, the promise of ten thousand tomorrows, of horizons to be explored and aspirations realized.  We are old friends, my desk and I.  The oak is scarred in spots, dented in others, victim to the long passage of time and the elements.  But the imperfections merely serve to make it more approachable, more real, more

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