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Hello my beautiful friends!


I am here with another food blog. Has been quite awhile since i went to a good seafood restaurant. And this place was pretty awesome and is too good to be missed out. With a beautiful location – right by the sea in east coast park they deliver the finest seafood with fantastic culinary skills.  Started it off with my favorite tender coconut drink !

cocoonut Coconut | Price tag S$5.80

IMG-20151208-WA0009 Cheeky napkins 😉

The black pepper crab was one of the best I have tasted here. The lovely spicy marination and freshness of the  crab awakened my taste buds. The rich black pepper seasoning really stood out making the sweet meat extra delicious. It was a huge portion that was shared by 4 of us.  The picture below is just my share of it (round 1) !  😀

IMG-20151208-WA0011 Famous black pepper crab | price Tag : S$70

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Power Plant Christmas Star Shines over Ponca City

Power Plant Men

Originally posted December 20, 2014:

When my children were young and the season was right and I had finished telling them all the Gene Day stories, when they were in just the right Christmas spirit, I would tell them about the Power Plant Christmas Star and how it would shine brightly over Ponca City, Oklahoma around Christmas time, calling shepherds and Power Plant Operators to come and see what technological miracle had taken place on Bonnie Drive on the North End of the thriving community known as Ponca City (Did I actually make an entire paragraph out of one sentence? — Geez.  This is why my English Teacher was always slapping my hand — Catholic school…. you can imagine how that was).

The story actually begins way before the Christmas season starts, but some time after Christmas decorations have gone up in Target and Wal-Mart.  That is, some time after…

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Merry Christmas 2, Song 4

Dougstuber's Blog

Below is in response to “torrito’s blog:

Propaganda rules. Obama, the lying sack of…is not better than Bush I or II, Clinton or Reagan. All five of these war-mongering apocalyptic puppets of the Military economic complex have: Kept wars going (we’ve attacked foreign countries 91 times since WWII) They also sold out American Labor, rigged the bail out (Regan’s Savings and Loan bail out allowed MASSIVE developers a chance to NEVER repay loans in Colorado and California, and then, once the banks were bailed out –Silverado, where both Jeb and Goerge W. served on the board, etc.– build homes on money once borrowed, then covered by taxpayers and become super filthy rich because they NEVER PAID THE MONEY BACK…was topped by Hank Paulson’s trillions of dollars bailout and the ensuing quantitative easing that has resulted in um, FOUR TIMES as many dollars in the world now as were in…

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The Colors of the Writing Rainbow


As time pushes on, as the months and years pass by and life navigates its twists and turns, the things we learned in school sometimes blur into the trees and promontories of the background.


We might remember our first date, our best friend from school, we may recall, painfully, feelings of rejection and loneliness, moments of ridicule.

But how many in-class lessons do we remember?  Can we remember anything pertinent our 8th-grade algebra teacher taught us?  (Well, surely, Marc Kuslanski can!)  How about 10th-grade history or chemistry?  Sadly, so much is lost, often irretrievably so.  But some lessons endure.  Some remain vibrant and alive, decades later.


For me, one such lesson occurred one sunny spring day in English class when I was a freshman in high school.  The teacher, a large, balding man with a soft voice, was a writer at heart, and sometimes, seemingly at random, he would…

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