Time travel

Perspectives on Life, the Universe and Everything

Distances mapped,
caged and trapped,
No escape, one master
Time and its disasters
Can you turn tables
Start a resistance
Joining in rebels
Let it lose kingdom
Making it your slave
Slowing it down
Making it behave
Impossibility, it seems
an unthinkable scheme
non starter, will unravel
unless you know
before the morning glow
How to time travel!

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A Peaceful, Parisian Brunch in the West Village

Mary in Manhattan

Clean flavors, strong coffee and just the right pace, Dominique Bistro pays a special tribute to Paris from its corner of the West Village in New York City.


Looking back on my photos of my meal with my friend Deena at Dominique Bistro, ‘afternoon bliss’ comes to mind. Could have been the fall air, and that I finally got to wear my new coat, but everything just seemed right – especially after we had our cappuccinos in hand and gazed out the window at charming Christopher Street.


Here’s what we ordered:

Cappuccinos-they not only had that cute Instagram-worthy design, but were delicious and piping hot.

Deena and Coffee
Avocado Toast-could have continued eating this for the rest of the day, but had to try something else too! The bread was perfectly crunchy and the savory avocado spread had just the right blend of garlic and salt.

avocado toast
Duck hash-duck confit, lardons…

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