Merry Christmas 3

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Dad's photo and roses, Christmas, 2015

After some great times in Daytona Beach, Orlando and Naples, we swung through St. Pete and  Clearwater (Yes over the Sunshine Skyway) and finished the trek home on Christmas.

My son James commented “It’s not the same type of Christmas this year.”  No not the same. But I reminded him that it’s OK to start new traditions while still honoring the traditional ones.  The new tradition is also a kind of old one.  Even when in Korea 7 years we never missed a Christmas with my Dad, and the tradition is new now that we don’t have a Dad,a Grandfather and a friend to reminisce with in person, but we won’t break the string,and figure to be back again next year.

Uh, Naples isn’t quite the same as it was the first year I visited my grandfather there.  Back then the town had about 3,000 people, moistly fisherman.  They say…

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